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Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge Video - Pensacola Beach, Florida

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Mike Theiss of Ultimate Chase documented Hurricane Ivan on Pensacola Beach Barrier Island in a high rise building. Watch as Mike shares his experience and imagine if that was "You" all alone in the pitch dark in a building completely surrounded by rushing water as a Cat 3 Hurricane makes landfall. This was an extremely creepy and scary documentation being trapped inside a building with no power and wind screaming like a monstor outside. Mike was trapped on the island for 2 days before being able to get a ride via boat back to the mainland....

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Ultimate Chase photo 1 Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge Video... Ultimate Chase photo 2 Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge Video... Ultimate Chase photo 3 Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge Video... Ultimate Chase photo 4 Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge Video...

Amazing how the Futureo house (UFO house) was built in the 60s and made it through this...only people from Pensacola will know what I mean!

by YourLockerzPal 3 years ago

Mike, amazing footage!! Very interesting to see the water seeping through the concrete like that!! Very scary stuff!! 5 Stars and an add to my favs!!

by Filming Nature's Extremes 10 years ago

how could anyone give this a thumbs down???

by Sodiumreactor 9 years ago

I lives through that hurricane and remain here. Our beaches still haven't fully recovered.

by Vivid Paradox13 4 years ago

The whole beach was unrecognizable, dunes flattened, nearly every structure wiped out. It has never been the same.

by Alien Intention 2 years ago

When I was a kid, around 3 or 4, I sat through this hurricane while my grandmother was bawling her eyes out. It was the first time my family had been separated during a hurricane, usually we just. kinda congregated at someone's house. Anyways, for some stupid reason, my grandmother had the wooden door open so I could see out the screen door. There was destruction and chaos everywhere. At one point, I was looking at my old dollhouse my grandfather had made for me before I was born. It got ripped off of the porch, which it was nailed to. I cured for about an hour over that thing which, looking back, is unreasonable. In the end, the roof got ripped off the house I was in. My great grandparents barely survived. Their whole house was demolished. The only way they survived is by sitting in the bathroom, which was the only thing left standing.
During this video, the howling of the winds reminded me of this incident. They sent, and still send, shivers up my spine every time I hear them.

by ElfGoneWrong 5 years ago

I love the fact that they just filmed throughout the entire 8/9 minutes and didn't say much of anything. There is nothing more frustrating when you have someone trying to talk about what's happening in these vids. To watch this was riveting. No voice over needed.

by Basha R 7 years ago

It's actually SHOCKING how under reported the death toll was. We lived just over the bridge from Perdido Key. While listening to the radio numerous people called from the Bayou Grande subdivision, crying and asking the radio station why no Emergency vehicles could come out because there were "dead bodies floating in the water." A friend of ours who lived there also said that they saw more dead bodies there ALONE than were reported for the Pensacola total deaths.

by dawndann 7 years ago

Brings back flashbacks, the sound of that howling wind filled the whole room. I was only two when Ivan hit and yet I can recall the roaring wind.

by Bailey R 1 year ago

I went to Pensacola, Fl. in Oct 2005 and they were pretty much still recovering. There is a bridge that they don't use anymore.

by NikkiCakes 8 years ago

I lived inland. When we walked out the house I didn’t recognize my own neighborhood.

by Chris Guerrero 1 year ago

Wow! Incredible video!! I'll never forget that night!!

by Diane0529 5 years ago

I lived through hurricane Ivan here in Jamaica. Had to house neighbors. And since that several other hurricanes but thank God we made it through. Just thinking of the Bahamians

by Eugenie Lee 1 year ago

I love storm chasing so I can appreciate what you guys are doing.Good job.

by DjCarlos Sonic 7 years ago

I've been through Harvey, Irma, and Sandy

by Jose7683 2 years ago

just want to say I love your videos and keep them coming!! :)

by Big Dumb 7 years ago

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