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NEW UPDATE!! ATLANTIS IS HERE! (Fortnite Season 3)

New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 winning in solo gameplay live stream!
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Typical Gamer photo 1 NEW UPDATE!! ATLANTIS IS HERE!... Typical Gamer photo 2 NEW UPDATE!! ATLANTIS IS HERE!... Typical Gamer photo 3 NEW UPDATE!! ATLANTIS IS HERE!... Typical Gamer photo 4 NEW UPDATE!! ATLANTIS IS HERE!...

Hey OG TG Fans.

WARNING: nostalgia alert who remembers every Friday night when we wait for the GTA 5 Zombie apocalypse mod. when we would watch him kill zombies and we would hear the car horns in the distance even tho it was a frikkin zombie apocalypse. and how every time he would hit a zombie he would yell ''OH FUZZ''
Man those were the good old days

by Fyurt Gaming 1 week ago

Everyone: Playing Fortnite and getting kills
TG: Look at these beautiful trees and these amazing artefacts

by Ashton Andrews 1 week ago

The best part is when he said holy mother of fish 😂😂😂 who aggres

by Xavier Rodriguez 1 week ago

The new quote in cod when you die, "holy mother of fish and call me a dolphin"1 TG-2020

by Jkrazy _123 1 week ago

Theory: Atlantis fish sticks are gonna be henchmen while aquaman is the boss

by Jerry Nustar 1 week ago

“Holy mother of fish harpoon me and call me a dolphin”A great speaker once said

by Ryann_Ace_ YT 1 week ago

Andre With The Vocals😌!

by ROACHES!! 1 week ago

Ik I came late tg u have good skills smart ur getting better have a aswome day and miku and George stay safe and meow all day

by Andrick Walton 1 week ago

"Holy mother of fish" 😂🤣
Thanks for the effort BTW TG

by Keems The Gamer 1 week ago

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we were just having fun." - Winnie the Pooh

Don't read my profile picture!

by Don't Read My Profile Picture 1 week ago

There's less water then there was originally

by wreckit ben 1 week ago

Andre: if it isn't here I'm ending stream.

by Dave Vaughan 1 week ago

Sup bro ive seen this earlier but i did not finish watching it when it was in live

by Dragon boi_21 1 week ago

This is how many times he said flippedy flop

by Sarah Agir 1 week ago

Can we just talk about how many vbucks he has

by YGD dan 1 week ago

u don’t know how much i love ur vids my dream is to watch u live and i’ve just been able to subscribe and gonna be able to see u live ♥️😄

by Louise Millns 1 week ago


by Rocketboy gucci 1 week ago

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