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ChicoFilo has a 93.6% Win Rate, is currently a 99 OVR top rep on PS4 and believes he is one of the best guards in NBA 2K21 - so I decided to pull up on him and see what he was all about this year. Sit back, relax and ENJOY!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/therealtyceno
Instagram: https://instagram.com/therealtyceno

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Tyceno photo 1 TYCENO vs CHICOFILO GAME OF... Tyceno photo 2 TYCENO vs CHICOFILO GAME OF... Tyceno photo 3 TYCENO vs CHICOFILO GAME OF... Tyceno photo 4 TYCENO vs CHICOFILO GAME OF...

nah fr that was digusting. that was nasty bro. u gotta teach us that

by Xavier PDecastelli 1 month ago

Tyceno:“COME ON Z!!!”


by Cory Moore 1 month ago

literally one of the coldest moves i’ve seen in 2k history

by Caleb Taylor 1 month ago

“Imma step back in the corner” scariest thing to hear

by Joaquin Perez 1 month ago

game of the year 4 days into the game 😂

by JoseIsHere 1 month ago

For the people who are reading this I want you to know god loves you God bless amen and stay safe

by Jaden Nicholson 1 month ago

That fade in the corner was crazy, if I lost to that I couldn’t even be mad

by DNellz44 1 month ago

OMG dats a NBA move right there😱‼️. JAB STEP DEADLY🗣. I CANT STOP WATCHING DAT PART🥶🥶🥶

by YoungMONEY 1 month ago

These starting to feel like Mini Movies

by Sxucykede 1 month ago

So we just gone ignore -?
Tyceno only person that I’ve seen who actually does dribble moves that you would see someone do in real life

by TeeJay TV 1 month ago

was definitely move of the year so far

by Eternity Tee 1 month ago

Wager of the year: Tyceno vs Im davisss

by KLAY A11 DAY 1 month ago

was so clean in that edit make it even more better Tyceno u so good

by xotic vaughn 1 month ago

How many “game of the year” games do you think Tyceno will play in this year?

by Jakesnake105 1 month ago

remember in 2k19 chico couldn't hit a shot look at him now bro that's crazy

by Celia Tavares 1 month ago

No one:
Literally nobody:
Tyceno every time he make a shot: baaaaaanggggggggggggggg 😭😂💀

by Javoy Johnson 1 month ago

I remember when that man first started playing and was trash but now he better than most people

by hessebruv 1 month ago

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