among us but everyone is an impostor

tuxbird photo 1 among us but everyone is... tuxbird photo 2 among us but everyone is... tuxbird photo 3 among us but everyone is... tuxbird photo 4 among us but everyone is...

tell me what you guys thought of this video

i really wanna hear what you guys have to say ALSO LIKE THE VIDEO OR PERISH

by TuxBird 1 month ago

The new title “TuxBird being bullied for 10 minutes straight”

by Edison Yeh 1 month ago

Tuxbird: let's play among us

His friends: ya that's not happening

by king ina gaming 1 month ago

"Let's just vote tuxbird off, we'll get him eventually" tux is litterally getting bullied the whole time

by Teagen Janson 1 month ago

Crewmate with a valid point and argument
That one crewmate: It was you
Everyone: SAY NO MORE

by Deleto 56 1 month ago

Been watching all the editing streams so I’m pumped to finally see the finished video ♥️ love you Tux!!

by LevelUpLifting 1 month ago

The most wholesome relationship guys can have is admitting that they're all idiots.

by ButteryDoughnutFluff 1 month ago

When tux doesnt take a month to upload


by PianoGuy 1 month ago

SwagLord: exists
Literally everyone: kinda süs ngl

by Wrlwind X 1 month ago

Tuxbird: “I really want to make more”
Me: rewinds back
Me: Sooo tux are you sure you want to make another video on amoung us?

by ImL3MON YT 3 weeks ago

“are you the murderer” “uh-huh”


by Sathu 1 month ago

Just watched minutes of bullying

by Fuze 1 month ago

tuxbird is watching the game just like us, they didnt let him play LMAO

by yousifyms 1 month ago

Ah yes, Among Us, a game that truly tests trust and can break friendships

by TurboPiggy 1 month ago

Got a mafia ad whilst everyone was dressed up and speaking Italian. That was very cash money.

by Kye Nalder 3 weeks ago

The way they don't let tux have any fun is actually sad

by TheKrzysiek 1 month ago

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