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Tubbo Reacts to Dream's Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters Video

TubboLIVE photo 1 Tubbo Reacts to Dream's Speedrunner... TubboLIVE photo 2 Tubbo Reacts to Dream's Speedrunner... TubboLIVE photo 3 Tubbo Reacts to Dream's Speedrunner... TubboLIVE photo 4 Tubbo Reacts to Dream's Speedrunner...

the title should be tubbo being confused for 10 mins and amazed for the rest
Edit: holy shit this comment blew up

by ItsJudeDude 2 months ago

Tubbo being so smart and reading almost all of Dream's moves is really shocking and amazing-- He's really smart-

by Sadieシ 1 month ago

Tubbo: *not subbed to dream*
Tubbo: *subs*
Tubbo: you didn’t see anything

by BLU13 1 month ago

I like how Tubbo guesses Dream's plan, but is still so shook when he actually does it, even though he knew Dream was gonna do that.

by xKathxrine 1 month ago

“Why don’t they just beat the ender dragon before him??? Then he can never win!!”
Everyone: ..... huh.

by LoryLilyBomber 1 month ago

dream: sees grass
tubbo: "I'm so confused why is there grass"

by Blue 2 months ago

“I want to see a portal trap”
Next Manhunt: say no more

by Idk ._. 1 month ago

Dream: literally explains what minecraft manhunt is at the start and what is happening.
Tubbo: WhAts HaPpENInG? I’m sO CoNfUsEd?! WHy Is hE RuNnIng?
Me: ... bruh moment.

by CloudyHeavens ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 1 month ago

Tuboo: omg he’s making mushroom stew!

by XAVIER JOUVE 2 weeks ago

Tubbo: why is the music so intence?

Mranwhile: dream is one half a heart and the huntets are right behind him

by Shadow 1 month ago

It’s cool how he was able to predict some of the things Dream did. It makes me more excited to see them compete together for mcc

by elena 2 months ago

Tubbo: did he lose?
us: yesn’t

by Hikari 1 month ago

Dream should do “speedrunner vs two 9 yr olds” and hunters should be tommy and tubbo that would be hilarious.

by Adrian Mat 1 month ago

I like how Tubbo both know exactly what Dream is doing and don't understand anything

by Tender and Moist 1 month ago

Dream: "...according to youtubes statistics only a small percentage of people who watch my videos actually subscribed...."

Tubbo: 😳

by Casey Johnson 2 months ago

If I had a dollar for every time this dude said
“*voice cracks* I dOnT uNdErStAnD wHaTs GoInG oN!?” I’d be a billionaire.

by Underworld Soul Gaming 1 month ago

wtf is the cute “bruh” sound from tubbo? That was adorable

by 0315 Aaaalllaan 1 month ago

Tubbo being big brain: Why don’t they just kill the dragon before dream?

Me: ...

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that this is in fact against the rules... However, I still think Tubbo was being pretty big brain so yeah. Thanks dudes!

by B o a r s 1 month ago

"I dont even understand what's going on."

... What is there to understand.

by Prophet of Poppy 1 week ago

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