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I turned into a CHICKEN for LeBron James on NBA 2K20

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Troydan attempts to pull G.O.A.T Galaxy Opal LeBron James on NBA 2K20 myteam
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Troydan photo 1 I turned into a CHICKEN... Troydan photo 2 I turned into a CHICKEN... Troydan photo 3 I turned into a CHICKEN... Troydan photo 4 I turned into a CHICKEN...

Like for him to wear a piggy costume.

by GoldenFox 1 weeks ago

Goat MJ: Imma pretend you didn’t just say that

by pandajet79 1 weeks ago

was just waiting for him to get hyped just to find out is was AD.

by Brady Couture 1 weeks ago

Troy: “ CannibalDan in the chat”

The kids in his basement:👀

by Miso 1 weeks ago

“no goat card has been maxed out”

GOAT MJ: am i a joke to you?

by EliGaming 1 weeks ago

I can already imagine Troy’s face when guaranteed GOAT packs come out lmao

by ZZBossGaming 1 weeks ago

I can’t believe I’m sitting here watching a man in his 30s sitting in a chicken costume playing DK

by Typical Boomer 1 weeks ago

y’all ever wonder what the unedited version looks like?

by KEKEKEKE COOL ASS 1 weeks ago

troydan is humiliating himself for entertainment this is a legend right here

by Diveklops 1 weeks ago

Some random dude that likes this comment will become a billionaire

by Ronen Itzhakov 2 days ago

Mom: What are you watching?

Me: Uhhhh.....

My Screen:

Grown man in a chicken costume screaming at a virtual basketball game and crying over spicy food

by Simi 1 weeks ago

Who else gets chills when he says “ARE YOU READY?”

by Ángel Noyola 1 weeks ago

this is how many people stayed for some bonus donkey kong country

by Samuel Oziel 1 weeks ago

I’m so scared someone is going to walk in on me watching this

by Fanback 1 weeks ago

is where he opens his packs your welcome in advance

by Fun 3 days ago

The fact that he’s 32 makes this funnier

by Thomas 1 weeks ago

When he literally doesn’t open his first pack for 11 minutes

by Nathan Tiedge 1 weeks ago

Troydans web history :

Chicken costume and weird stuff to eat

by QuanYT 1 weeks ago

I love how he gets payed to dance in a chicken costume 😂😂😂

by pug palace 6 days ago

Troydan: lebron is the only player with 99 all
Micheal jordan: am i a joke to you

by Avoidz _ 1 weeks ago

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