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Bad Mom vs Good Mom / 13 Funny Situations

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It would seem that all mothers are good. But this is not always true, there are also bad moms. Watch in our video, what is the difference between a good mom and a bad mom.
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Wait, so if a mother does mistakes and gets their kids what they can afford, it means they are bad? Congratulations on making me lose braincells!

by Hamza Hassan 6 days ago

This is giving me the vibes of: oH mUMs ARe bAD cAUsE tHeY dIscIpliNe yOu.
Your mum just wants help, she has brought you into this world and she lives you to the very bottom of her heart and will always no matter what.
Be grateful you have a mum who has cooked, cleaned, ❤Cared❤ and loved you, your whole life.

by Sugxr_cookie 2 4 days ago

A good mom is somebody who cares and looks after there child sometimes they might have a budget so they have to get simpler gifts so they can FEED and CLOTHE their child, and to set a good example. A bad mom...honestly there is a lot of types a bad moms...so I can't say!

by Rikkigirl3 1 week ago

Your saying my mom is bad bc she got a store bought cake

by Angel Javier 3 weeks ago

“Happy Birthday SONNY BOY”

5 years later:”happy birthday sonny boy”

by FRIDA GARCIA 12 hours ago

People have to be grateful that they even have moms! Every mom is perfect in there own way!

by Zena Plays Roblox 3 weeks ago

if your mom is kind or not

She is still your mother

She has held you in her belly for
Nine months.

She has taken care of you when you were young/ a child.

She has cooked, cleaned, thought, brought, happiness in your life.

Be grateful you have a rich or poor mother.

Whatever it is..

She’ll be the mother that loves you. 🥺🌻✨🌴♥️💖

by SiimplyAnastasiax 1 month ago

The so called "good" mom is the one even spoiling her child, real good moms never do this.
troom troom?, please be more accurate

by Roland Ijejeme 1 month ago

The mean mom is so mean to the daughter when the dad only gives the mean mom ice cream 🍨 and not the girl and especially because she broke up with the boy 👦

by Jennifer DiCione 3 weeks ago

Yesssss I only have love and GIFTS TO ! From my parenttss

by Jazz Acharya 1 month ago

Also, the “Good Mom” seems to more spoiling their child. eDiT: Thanks for the likes and replies!! 😅

by Audrey Athman 1 month ago


by Kumalja Amuwalage6c 1 month ago

The only thing that I agree with is the exercising one.

by Asian・Bread 2 months ago

U should be grateful for everything u have.

by Leyna Turner 1 week ago

The ,"bad" mom isnt even bad wth?!?!?!?! The "good" mom is just spoiling her kid whats so good about that!?!?!?!?

by ashleeebc 2 weeks ago

My mom is the best mom ever she went I already know how to drive my mom and dad used their credit card to buy me a Lamborghini veneno OMG I'M LOVE WITH THEM ❤❤❤

by Fathan habibi 23 hours ago

Actually my dad makes the cosplay crafts

by Ash Pheniøx 1 month ago

That kid is really cute, God bless him

by Aisha R 3 months ago

My mom gave me a phone for my birthday what did you guy's get for yours?
P.s: it can be from last year!

by Milena Souza 1 month ago

I always help make my cake when it’s my birthday

by White Hole 2 weeks ago

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