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Fortnite NEW UPDATE - SECRET Map Changes, Easter Eggs & MORE!

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Fortnite NEW UPDATE - SECRET Map Changes, Easter Eggs & MORE!
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I’m making a petition to name coral castle Carl wheezer

by Russelldasnipr 4 hours ago

Him: it’s a hidden gem

Me: well now it’s not since basically everyone watching this video is taking your advice and landing there

by Devon Games 4 hours ago

Fortnite:let's call this coral castle
Glitch: nah carl

by JiblyJDawg 4 hours ago

Yo you’re the best channel ever! Keep up the good work my dude!

by PurpleFloplop 5 hours ago

Fortnite: Announces future car update, hints at it, even makes gas stations for it
Fortnite when they supposedly were supposed to come out: lmao jk

by Linky1024 5 hours ago

When are you gonna do a storyline vid? Some info:

Two space skins are in the item shop.The girl version of the galaxy skin,and some monster...thing...(reply what it’s name is)

Also I think Fade will be a big part of the storyline! He might not be apart of the seven though. Still his glider is LITERALLY A RIFT!!! It’s like everything that has to do with Fade also has to do with rifts!

And his streak (when you skydive) is..you guessed it,something to do with rifts!

Oh yeah and some wizard..wand is in the item shop too!

I would LOVE to hear your theories!! (And not just T5G)


by •Dum Dum Gacha• 1 hours ago

Friend: what’s your favorite POI


by Adrian Vargas 5 hours ago

All of these thumbnails say "99% DIDN'T NOTICE"...

It's amazing that every time, T5G is in the 1% that did.

by Shwiffle 4 hours ago

Everyone is always stressing about being first but remember this:

it is much harder to be last

by Deadman Rorylion 5 hours ago

99% ppl will see this but if u see this god bless u follow ur dreams no one can stop ur dreams

by ツLil IKG 5 hours ago

This is my theory: The Astro girl in the ship is a visitor I also think all of the visitors landed on different islands and she landed on this one with use

by Shade_BladeYT 1 minutes ago

Who else is trying to grow their YouTube channel on Quarantine😷

by RZ GAMING PRO 2 hours ago

Top5gaming was such a great motivation for me on my youtube journey,I am glad I was motivated by this man

by Aman KumarYT 5 hours ago

SAM: Yo! a brand new Pipe Man was added in Slurpy!

EVERYONE: uh, calm down bruh, Baby Pipe Man has been there in Slurpy since the beginning of Chapter 2 last year....but good enthusiasm!

by N S 4 hours ago

He says the door at authority has just opened when it's been opened😂😂

by it's a renegade raider 2 hours ago

Let’s goo Atlantis I mean Carl I mean no MYTHIC!!!

by Mee Eee 5 hours ago

When you're so early that there are more likes than views

by LucasAnstone 5 hours ago

Dang, No one's gonna mention about rickety rig and how it's reduced to pieces?
Fun fact: Tntina's vault is still there and it's open, and it has 1 supply crate/blue box with good loot, 2 chests, and 1-2 ammo crates
P.S. Pawntoon boat also has a supply crate/blue box :}

by AxetomyYT PG3D 2 hours ago

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