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When you give the Ooze people 100 wood they are upgraded to “The Wood Age”. I think next you have to give them 100 brick to upgrade them to the Stone Age, and then 100 metal for the Modern Age/Present Day.

by Max Selcow 1 week ago

me hears hand cannon is coming back
Me: time to hit every headshot with the most op pistol

by AnasAnas14 1 week ago

Fortnite: Adds Renagade dance
Tik tok clans: yOu HaVE tO HaVE thE ChARlie DILEMEO sKIn tO JoiN

by Jacob Araujo 1 week ago

How y’all getting like out here when I’m likeing my own coments

by 400k one pump God 1 week ago

imagine when the new Poi of Aquaman gets added,the mythic weapon will be the trident which u could throw at people or use it like swords and also harvest with it!!
like so Top5gaming can see or fortnite too.
hopefully this comment goes viral!

by MultiFun _Y 1 week ago

T5G: Skye’s stuff is now in the files

My season 2 loadout (Scar tac grappler) : it’s free real estate

by jad jaboori 1 week ago

You missed something: Part of rickety rig moved. (The part where the vault is moved closer to the land)

by Aviv Keller 1 week ago

Maybe that “secret material” that used to be a thing will be used to pay for fuel

by Kaitan Agrawal 1 week ago

Everyone: Deagle

T5G: Handcanon

by TheMGuy 1 week ago

Normal kids parents: I dont like fortnite.

No joke my mom: I love fortnite, I'm not lying my mom literally plays fortnite with me.

by REspawn Gaming 1 week ago

theory: Midas isn’t Dead. He lived and got away. Then assembled a group of Dual agents Which are Chaos Agent, Hush, And Wildcard. The Description of Wildcard says “ All going according the plan “. This great flood was planned midas knew it would happened and wanted this shadow uprising. Everything in his doomsday plan is going greatly. Some more evidence is the Set name “ Dual Agent “ Which hints towards they are fake agents people Who are getting info for the bigger bad Aka Midas. The Dual Agent Chaos Agent Also has a Golden Gloop form which is gold. We know only one character who can change Already existing things to Gold and his name is midas. Also the styles for all 3 Skins have There Sides Midas’s Color schemes. Which suggests they work for midas as they all have the same color uniforms. Next Hush’s Description is “ Haunt your enemy's every move. “ Midas’ squad used to be a ghost squad so haunting your enemies makes sense also there names are Ghost “ character name “. Chaos agent seems to have finally stepped out and is soon to create havoc as his description is “ Chaos Beyond Measure “ The Agent Chaos is creating so much chaos it can’t be measured. thats why the new double agent bundle is coming to fortnite. please like so t5g can see

by Not Gold 1 week ago

I remember when I was playin chapter 1 season four. I snipped the thanos skin in the head one shot. That's my luckiest thing in fortnite.

by Naimo Jama 1 week ago

as someone who is genuinely addicted to tiktok i just wanna say that they used the original renegade, not charlis version. if you look for it you'll see the difference

by Zech Wilsøn 1 week ago

does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background?

by Satoko 1 week ago

T5G says "every secret map change"

by Awoken From Death 1 week ago

Top 5 gaming I have a theory for a storyline vid (theory: Midas got spat out of the shark and he’s in save the world look on my channel I have a video of Midas in safe the world)

by Jules The Master Enginner 1 week ago

Me: those races seem like fast and the furious.
Also me: remembers FAMILY

by Kekobad Marker 1 week ago

Fortnite: Hand cannon is back!

Me: Start up the twitch account bois.

by OneSpeedyReyes 1 week ago

Me: saying I can't waist more v-bucks to get next seasons battle pass
Also me: screw that I'm going to get captain America

by deathjay 101 1 week ago

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