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15 Most EPIC Fortnite SEASON 3 Moments
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Who else is so happy the hunting rifle is back for all us trickshotters

by Rowan 1 month ago

The 1% of people Seeing this I want you to know that God loves you and he died for you have a blessed day😄

by Mr Beast 1 month ago

Idk what to put im just early and want to break 2 likes (my record)

by Talan Nemeth 1 month ago

A guy: hits the most insane trickshot in the WORLD and says "oh, let's go

Me: hits a normal trickshot and says "OMG, OMG, I'm insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

by KeenerBoi 1 month ago

this dude hits the BEST trick shot ever and just say “Oh let’s go”. Like he’s done it 700 times like bruh really I’d be freaking out if I hit that

by Logan Barden 4 weeks ago

Did anyone notice how he said “lubscribe” and “sike” instead of “subscribe and like” 😂😂😂😂

by Cat Fam 1 month ago

Wow just realized that you're brother is scoped I'm a big fan of him to but use code T5G

by TLF San 1 month ago

Person: hits one of the most historical trick shots of Fortnite Battle Royale,
Him: Oh, let’s go

Me: hits a normal trick shot, 2 meters away

by Samuel Ribas Brockert 1 month ago

no not only in season 3... I used to troll my friends in season 2 with the crash pads and the petrol station and knock them

by Shayaan Hemdev 1 month ago

guy: hits one of the most legendary trick shots in the history of all battle royale games
also that guy: oh lets go.

by HT1 1 month ago

hey look it's a fallen angel (insert drum here)

by overseer idk 1 month ago

Youtube should ban comments that start with “don’t lie”

They are annoying

by Sp4ceBoy 68 1 month ago

T5g:and this happend..
Me:members that I once glided like that then when sartre to walk it look lik my skins bones but broke*

by Startrix ! 3 days ago

Me when I hit a trick shot: YES YES YES YES
FaZe members when they hit a trick shot: let’s go

by Fishy Nippy 1 month ago

“He was just about to die”
Has 150 health and shield

by CyberGlitch Vlogs 1 month ago

“Fortnite: dude perfect edition”

I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around :/

by Marleena Ahmad Rapiee 2 weeks ago

My theory is that skye Midas tntna Deadpool Brutus and meowcycles there are 4 small marauders and 2 big

by Sub to Sundee on yt 1 month ago

Well, this game was made by an epic corporation.
No pun intended.

by ElliYeet 1 month ago

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