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10 Most BROKEN Fortnite SEASON 3 Glitches!

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10 Most BROKEN Fortnite SEASON 3 Glitches!
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Oryspresso https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG1dyI6Queg&t=24s
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“Especially being able to look down to your legs!”
Are you sure it’s not legs and something else?

by Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah 1 month ago

“especially being able to look down and see your legs”

Yeah man definitely only your legs👀

by Ayush TAG 1 month ago

something tells me he wasn't trying to see his legs

by kaboom carstar 1 month ago

Plot twist:the cars “glitch” was actually on purpose by epic to test the car

by AvionGotEverything 1 month ago

that doesn’t really work because some guy killed me

by elijxh_05 1 month ago

Y’all out here confused about the glitch, I’m confused about how my man already has Aquaman?

by NXT Danke 1 month ago

Just imagine going in a lobby seeing peely doing Kits emote

by SWRD Mad dog 1 month ago

ahahahahah yeah totally. the legs. the legs was what I was looking at hahahah

by Sylvan D'Souza 1 month ago

Me "I'm a kity kity kity " my bones "plz stop"

by Avr Gamez 1 month ago

I dont think he was looking at legs

by RicadoBTW 1 month ago

First Person Fortnite Myth: * Exists *
What i thought it was:


by Zaine Crixron Martin 1 month ago

you can see it says lock in place so you know he’s using a prop gun

by Infinite Vids 1 month ago

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