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Top 10 Most Shocking Moments In Marvel History

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Top 10 Most Shocking Moments In Marvel History.
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Throughout Marvel history as time has gone on, many things have happened within the company and comic lore itself to shake things up. Some of the decisions made have paved the way for revolutionary changes in comics but all of the biggest changes are always going to make waves. Why? Because as humans, we are survivors who seek comfort. Change is always going to both scare and excite us because it is usually not what we seek. But sometimes it is what we need. Then again, sometimes not so much. Today on Top 10 Nerd, we bring you our list of the Top 10 Most Shocking Moments In Marvel History.
Top 10 Most Shocking Moments In DC Comics History
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Ultimate universe was my favorite because it established real consequences. When someone died, they died (95% of the time anyway).

by Asylum247 1 month ago

How many of us clicked on this 4 the half naked lady

by Eddie Davis 1 month ago

Gwen and Norman happened DURING her relationship with Peter. Basically, Gwen became overcome with sympathy for him so naturally she slept with him behind her bf's back, completely contrary to the way her character was written. It didn't even come close to working from a time perspective either. One of my most-hated arcs ever.

by Philip Cmor 1 month ago

When she said Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy I said nope nope nope you're not ruining my life

by glitched raccoon 1 month ago

No 'The Night Gwen Stacey Died!'? Magneto ripping the admantium from Wolverine's body? Sue Storm's miscarriage?

by K Collier 1 month ago

Wait so a Villain stole the eye of a watcher and fury wanted to get justice and he did so by killing the watcher and took his other eye to find out who attacked him 😂😂

by pharoah finale 1 month ago

Gwen And Norman had twins
Peter: Insert Spiderman the animation No scream

by Emmanuel Omenako 1 month ago

Top 10: Bruh moments

by Suchto84 1 month ago

Can't believe someone made Captain Marvels son made his own mother pregnant🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

by Yep It's Nick Greer 1 month ago

Here's a tip: instead of making a video of the narrator talk, how about just showing us the panels of what the narrator is talking about instead?

by Amer Hodzic 2 weeks ago

I've been angry about the brainwashing kidnapping rape and abandonment of Ms Marvel since it was first published .

by vasp99 1 month ago

My most shocking moment was the watcher one cause I saw nick fury and he was white and I was like that’s not right but then I realized he is white in a lot of the comics😂😂

by Livey SM 1 month ago

Rest in Power my King🤴🏾 you will be remembered

by caliber 1 month ago

Ultimate marvel universe getting killed off was sad and depressing however it was dying after ultimatium

by Tevya Smolka 1 month ago

You didn't mention when professor X had romantic feelings for teenage Jean.

by micah white 4 weeks ago

Forgot Doc Ock winning and replacing minds with Peter! Quite shocked when Peter died, cried almost as long as when he died the other three times. 😥

by Guy Zuponstaeg 1 month ago

I can’t tell if she’s actually read these since little pieces of each story is a little off

by Jerome Gogue 4 weeks ago

Wow I want to see Kevin Feige try to clean up that Captain Marvel pregnancy storyline in the MCU .. 😳 Cringey

by Michael Reese 1 month ago

The "Carol was pregnant with her own son's baby" story line was when I stopped reading "Avengers" for several years. Even as a young person I was angered by the way they treated her.

by Andy Wise 3 weeks ago

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