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OMG IT'S HERE! Thank you all so much for your patience, this project has been a beast! But it's here! And now the HIP meme has already gone around even though I sketched up this concept before it was an animation meme and it looks like I'm following it but I'm not lol. This is all my original concept! And I'm so happy to finally share it!.
The characters in this animation are Zircon, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald. All of these characters are from my story-line Jewel Sisters which I have been developing for many years at this point. Several of my characters have changed quite a bit in my animations. Some old designs for these characters can be found in my animations: Boba Date, Babs Seed, and Luvoratory.
There honestly is no point to this music video besides me just feeling inspired and wanting to make something fun. I fell in love with the song HIP as soon as I heard it and had to make an animation!
Zircon is my star girl and this song totally fit her vibe. I originally just made it for her but then I thought it would be fun to feature some of the girls too. Their outfits are only for this video, these aren't what they normally wear. They are heavily inspired by KPOP fashion from artists such as Mamamoo and BlackPink..
I had a lot of fun designing everything and bringing my characters to life and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!.
❤ORIGINAL SONG: https://youtu.be/KhTeiaCezwM
❤REMIX: https://youtu.be/kJ1rR5kSuzI
🖤PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/toonzee
🖤TEESPRING: https://teespring.com/stores/toonzees...
🖤INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/_toonzee_/?...
🖤Animation software: ToonBoom Harmony Premium
🖤Editing software: Filmora 9
🖤Drawing tablet: Wacom 22HD

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ToonZee Animation photo 1 HIP // ANIMATION ToonZee Animation photo 2 HIP // ANIMATION ToonZee Animation photo 3 HIP // ANIMATION ToonZee Animation photo 4 HIP // ANIMATION

~whoop~ greetings! I’m just gonna slip in the comments here saying a few things:::: first off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the amazing feedback I love reading all the comments!! All your love for the characters touches my heart because I’ve had them in my head for years and now they finally get some love! ... I also wanted to let everyone know that I’m very open to the criticism! I think it’s healthy to share what you think I could improve on. I’ve read a lot of those comments and I personally don’t take it as hate, and I’m not here to please everyone either. I’m genuinely saying this from the heart that I value your criticism and it doesn’t hurt me at all :) ... I also read the comments comparing my gals to already created stories, it doesn’t offend me, but I just wanted to let everyone know that these are my original characters. They aren’t fan characters or heavily based off of any story. I’ve been developing them for years and I’m excited to present my story to you all in the future!!! ... Thank you for enjoying my animation and I can’t wait to share what I got next!! ... Also thank you for over 151,000 Subscribers woooo!!!!

by ToonZee Animation 1 month ago

Do you ever use 3D models to help you animate???? It’s so smooth

by MintiUnicorn 1 month ago


by lilpluto 1 month ago

Drawing tablet: how much 80's vibes do you want?

ToonZee Animation: yes

by Patricia Morgan 1 month ago

I didn’t even realize one of the girls have a skin condition!! That is so amazing literally all of those girls are amazing🥰

by bananamilkisGOOD 1 month ago

The ability to draw people with lipstick is beyond my understanding

by Studio Boop UwU 1 month ago

The green one is serving me starfire vibes

by Jay On A Cob 2 weeks ago

Being able to draw someone with lipstick and it doesn’t look like a disordet penguin is art

by XxCandyChanxX 1 month ago

How much i said Emerald is starfire from TT

by Uglyuu 1 month ago

the shading, the artstyle, the music, the consistency, this animation is literally perfect.

by shushles 1 month ago

These characters could actually be in an anime-

by Art Heart 1 month ago

Unpopular opinion: Zircon ( girl with undercut) is the cutest.

by Jo Squillo 1 month ago

Me: Looks a notifications
Notifications: 20 seconds ago
Me: Looks at the vid
Vid: 5 days ago
Me: I thought I was early..

by Phoniex_Wolf :3 1 month ago


I think you dropped your crown 👑

by Estella 1 month ago

Let’s be honest,
this is not the first time you are watching this.

by Just Me 1 month ago

can i just say that ur the first person who i've seen do an animation meme with a character that has vitiligo, and i think that's really cool :D and the animation is really smooth and awesome!

by Khymeera 1 month ago

Woahh, I'm here because of Youtube recommendations but this looks really nice! I like how smooth the animation is <3

by Sophia Zhang 4 weeks ago

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