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Tom MacDonald - "No Response"

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My dude just played patty cake and made it look gangster

by n1KE 4 months ago

It is so refreshing to see a man strong enough to stick to his morales and values no matter the popular opinion , this for me is the definition of a real man, donโ€™t even know you but I am so proud of you. Anyone can see the journey you have traveled of pain and torment to get where your at today. The story of how you started tatting your face and the reasoning behind it motivates and inspires me and many of your followers. I know if you were told 15 years ago this was your path you would not believe so, as a proud conservative as old school as one can be I would be elated for any of my daughters to bring a man like you through the door.. Iโ€™ve seen clean cut men my daughters have brought through the door and they were ass clowns so I say this ...a book, cover makes no difference,,, the essence of a real man is proved through his actions and brother,, you have 180โ€™d your life so good on you mate this is your Mona Lisa for sure

by Maverick74 1 month ago

Anyone else get chills when he was clapping with the image was switching? Wow i love the way the videos are produced. Great job Tom and Nova

by Excited Knight 1 month ago

Omg...ima straight metal mofo..slayer tatted on my neck..from the south n as white as it gets...but i can't get enough of him n this song is probably the greatest thing ive ever heard...all I've listened to is tom the last couple days...only dude that could remix a Eminem song period..i can relate to him n feel like a different person after hearing this dude...fuckn amazing..n thats from a metal head...nothing but RESPECT n love tom...

by Denice Knotts 1 month ago

"It's tragic to witness like cancer in children." I'm a Cancer Mom. My daughter had a bone marrow transplant at 9 years old and I'm not offended. Surprised? Then you don't get it. โค๏ธLove you Tom & Nova โค๏ธ

by Nicki Bridges 2 weeks ago

Tom is one of the few rappers I actually look forward to listening solely for his lyrics, and watch the videos for his delivery. Gives me life.

by Cheesecake Hey 4 months ago

Never saw this coming I am 65 and Tom is my hero My God he sees what is what. Keep on dear heart.

by Teresa Bewerunge 1 month ago

This man just dissed the entire industry and no one clapped back.

by j manzew 1 week ago

Reminds me of the old school Eminem without him talking about him killing his mother, itโ€™s thatโ€™s flow

by kristy hoover 1 month ago

this guy speaks directly to the old demons within' and reminds me to keep em' at bay. you ever hear music that reminds you how dark your demons can make you? but by the end of the song you feel like you are able to overcome everything?


by Kodey Robinson 1 month ago

You may never see this but I just found out who you are. I have a rare genetic disorder called Huntington's disease. I'm headed into the what they call the late fatal part. This song came across my YouTube while I was on oxygen with my lungs failing with this. I listen to this and all your stuff now daily. This is my fight song. I even have my daughter listening to it. In case you see this thank you Tom.

by Lacy Parker 1 month ago

When I see all the dislikes i know its gonna be a bad ass song ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by Emma Marie 1 month ago

Damn y'all. What the hell is up? Why am I just now learning about this cat and his music? Definitely earning respect from me the hard way- by kicking some real ass! YT is slack ass for not recommending this music until today. Rock on Tom MacD. \m/ \m/

by Brian Floyd 1 month ago

Tom is like legit The Joker of Rap and I love it. The way he even looks in this reminds me of the Joker. lol.

by CizreK 1 month ago

im asian, my english is so suck, but every i hear his music idk its feels like i got the lyrics and im laughing inside

by 33-Rizky Maulana 1 month ago

Just wanted to share My Small "Kind of" Interaction with Tom.
I Run 2 channels on youtube, With a qaurtermillion subscribers, And I had one of my fans that said she knew tom Tom ask If I could use one of his songs for one of my videos, Not only did he say yes(which I never ended up using) he wrote back to her like he always does. Him and His Girlfriend are going to be bigger then anyone on here very shortly, Because of his attention to his fans and his critics. He is hamds down one of the most intelligent creators on youtube, And as I grind away with my channels, I am actually rooting them on more then myself. Anyone who hates on Tom, Is frankly not educated. I dont praise people like this, But knowing what goes into his production and what they worked with is one of the most inspiring stories of youtube history. Down to the camera gear he started with and his girlfriends Vision in cinematography. I am praying everyday that he has every one of the blessings he talks about in this video. Hes already made it, Now its just surviving the fame. But I think Tom knows that his heart and his knowledge of his own existence is what makes him what he is. (And tom. When you talk to trump, Can you ask him to pull a string so my channel isn't demonitized everytime I say his name? Lol)

by Marfoogle TV 4 months ago

I listen to this song every fuckin day along with a handful of his others.. Love it all.. โค โค

by Anna Mello 1 month ago

Tom is a damn beast .. I mean his shits so motivational not just like in spirit but headspace .. I finally joined a gym a couple weeks ago after re listening to your spoken word anxiety (one of my favs) .. I just appreciate you being real to who you are as a person

by b Tay 1 week ago

Just came across Tom MacDonald a few days ago true story no lie. I've already listened to at least 15 of his songs and love every single one.. In this one I love, love, love his flow "true story"

by robbie2wheel 1 month ago

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