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Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)

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Last time I came this early, my girlfriend left me.

by Rubzy 3 days ago

Man lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ song really hits home because, as much as I hate to admit it, there was a time when I was a Tom MacDonald hater. But facts is facts, and i the more songs I listened too the more undeniable he he became. Won me over and now Iโ€™m a huge fan. Just goes to show, if you stay true to you and you know you got it like that, eventually the haters got nothing left to hate. Respect โœŠ๐Ÿป

by J Sirwah 1 day ago

No corn was harmed in this production.

by Mikecisco 1 day ago

YouTube keeps trying to censor his videos getting angry that he still blowing up without there help. Tom MacDonald killing it

by whymongo 1 day ago

Haters: *literally threat to kill Tom*
Tom: Pass me my corn

by Begone Damen 1 day ago

So relentless said forget the norm, I'll diss myself!! They'll never see it coming..

by D-GiBBY 3 days ago

Hes at 1 million views in 2 days... .....How is he not trending?...

by Victoria Clark 1 day ago

This guy is clearly just dissing Tom MacDonald to get attention.

by Bing Crosby 23 hours ago

This is why I am a Tom McDonald fan not afraid to speak his mind don't care what anyone thinks love it or leave it keep it 100 Tom

by joe cerezo 1 day ago

I shared this to all my contacts Iโ€™m being FR

by MR WICK CAT 1 day ago

Imagine dissing this dude for no reason just because he's fire

by Robert Gomez 1 day ago

Damn he just B. Rabbit'd himself hes now invincible.

by Alec_07 S 1 day ago

cant help but laugh at this, how much money did he just make off his haters? lol.

by Grey Hunter 19 hours ago

Tom - I hate myself so you don't have too...

by Emily Boo 3 days ago

He must not be planning on ever makeing a bad song..... Whole album fire mentality..

by Seventh Son 1 day ago

Literally every song tom makes tops the last u donโ€™t think it can get any better till he drops the next one and your like dammmmm Tom is a hero

by Ripp Films 1 day ago

I love Tom's music man fr hate that stupid was people gotta dig into him all the time

by Cory Hunt 20 hours ago

I'm gonna be honest and say I judged Tom at first and thought he sucked, I actually started coming around on his last sew songs but this made me realize that I actually thought some of the things he said.. never said them but thought it.. GLAD TO SAY I WAS WRONG WRONG WRONG.. THANKYOU BECAUSE WE ALL DO THIS TO SOME DEGREE.

by alex s 1 day ago

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