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"Bad News" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild ft. Nova Rockafeller

#Kid Buu #Falling In Reverse #Machine Gun Kelly #BaxWar #Music
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SHOT BY Logan Fulton
EDITED & DIRECTED BY Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
Special thanks to Ryan Lo.

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Nova is gorgeous. I love that she's modestly dressed and still looks stunning & sexy. When you have confidence in yourself and your skill as an artist, flashing T&A for attention isn't necessary. As a female, I'd love to see more of this from other women.

by TripHop B.C. 8 months ago

This prob wonโ€™t get to Miss Nova๐Ÿ’• or Tom but my 4 year old daughter tells me โ€œput bad news on mommy, put bad news on!โ€ Lol

by Ciera Ditaranto 3 months ago

I love how at the end he says "I've been rolling with some bad dudes" and points at madchild lol

by garena 1 month ago

I still say Nova needs some more time on this side of the camera. That girl has a lotta talent on the mic. Imagine the shit that is thought up at their house! Both Nova and Tom are geniuses.

by Matt Tamm 1 month ago

At first, madchilds voice is a bit weird, the more I hear it, the more I like it. I would love to chill with all of em.

by bigjeezyfosheezyable 3 months ago

I've gotten a couple of these calls from my musician son... This song made me weep..
My son's sober now and doing great, I'm one of the lucky mom's who can say that... I'm sure your mom's feel the same way... Thanks for this song, makes me grateful as hell!!

by Suzanne Turner 3 months ago

Just discovered this fella, and I think heโ€™s great!

by Colin Hedges 1 month ago

This song fits in my life. My son is going through a few things that took him from the family and although it makes me cry I some how feel its going to be ok. Nova's part made me feel my daughter I lost was strong. Always tell your kids and the ones you care for that you love them,not the tats,not their choices and not what they own but that you love just them it will change your life I promise. Share this video!

by J Wert 1 month ago

Momma I got bad news. Bad news. Everybody's using autotune. Autotune.

by Iruleyouforafee 8 months ago

This is what the world needs!! Tom MacDonald ... Just found your Music. Love it. Way to throw down MadChild

by Michael Shanks 3 months ago

47 yr old dad here, best music and artist out right now.

by Bradb1973 B 1 month ago

Just glad someone is putting real ass music out there about the shit we all be threw not just fake

by Stephen Hutchins 2 months ago

I just love how Tom and Nova are just going wild and madchild is just back ther posted up

by Preston Roundtree 3 months ago

Nova: How much autotune should we use?

Tom: Yes....

by MrLeet71 8 months ago

Lost it at Nova's phone call- I made a similar call when I lived in LA.
Wow...stirs the spirit of where I once was to where I am today. By the grace of God. . .

by Angie M 3 months ago

I just wanted you to know I really love this song it makes me think about my sonhe's in Oklahoma and he just got sentenced to life in prison and I'm in Indiana I'm on disability so I'm not able to go see him he calls me once a month but every time I hear this song I just think about him calling me when he was messing up I tried to get him to come home but he wouldn't listen I just wanted you to know that this song touches my heart

by Connie Fox 3 months ago

5 million views and rising? The new hustlers anthem, imo.

by Business Chicken 3 months ago

I turned 30 today and for 30 years all I ever wanted to hear was my momma tell me it's gonna be okay. I'm still waiting !!

by chuey Garcia 3 months ago

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