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Food Myths Debunked: Whole Milk May Be Healthier Than Skim | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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Dr. Mark Hyman, author of “What the Heck Should I Eat,” joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to bust myths about food, such as the widespread belief that chicken is healthier than red meat, or that skim milk is healthier than whole milk. He also says that fresh fruits and vegetables are NOT necessarily more nutritious than frozen.
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Food Myths Debunked: Whole Milk May Be Healthier Than Skim | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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TODAY photo 1 Food Myths Debunked: Whole Milk... TODAY photo 2 Food Myths Debunked: Whole Milk... TODAY photo 3 Food Myths Debunked: Whole Milk... TODAY photo 4 Food Myths Debunked: Whole Milk...

I don't like how this guy keeps saying "The government says it's ok to eat this and that now." We know that the government was the one who created the food pyramid based on lobbying groups for different farm industries.

by Sherry Caraway 2 years ago

Uh... I'm not going to be taking food advice from the government. I'll pass.

by Giovanni Porta 2 years ago

I just ate 4 slices of whole wheat bread while watching this 😂

by EyebrowDimension 1 year ago

Wow! she does not resemble the Megyn Kelly I grew up with. I could only tell it was her by the loud interrupting voice.

by Revealed7x 2 years ago

I'm surprised that they are telling the sheeple the truth on national television.

by Rasta Schnauzer 1 year ago

So happy she is not on TV anymore! She loves herself talk

by Elisabeth Driscoll 11 months ago

what happened that behind black woman

by A. KhAn 1 year ago

Butter all the way margerine does not melt it is fake. Funny how people got sicker when food guidelines & food itself changed years ago

by YD Schools 2 years ago

Wild animals like venison is the best!!!!!!

by Mr. Skeptical 1 year ago

Horray for this doctor hyman, and meghan is brilliant paula aged 64 in the UK

by Paula Laye 1 year ago

No eating out for me. Need to worry where we get our food from. That's why I eat my own grass fed chickens.

by VampCaff 2 years ago

Bottom line: Just eat whatever.

by Mark Vattes 2 years ago

Your show today, Megyn, had variety & lots of great information. Am glad to see you pick interesting topics. Thank you! 👍

by Summer Raines 2 years ago

I don’t know who to believe and what to believe anymore.

by Ericka Gómez 1 year ago

The government says😂🤣🤣

by Chris Kelly 2 years ago

Megayn still on this show?

by hb secret 1 year ago

Dr. Hyman is a genius. They simply don't teach enough about nutrition in medical school, although it is improving just a bit....

by Steven Harris 11 months ago

Somebody get John McDougall on here to set things straight.

by mister E 1 year ago

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