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Contents Of Mystery Seed Bags From China Revealed | TODAY

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has identified 14 seeds that have been mailed to the U.S. from China. They include morning glory, hibiscus and roses, as well as herbs and vegetables. Anyone with unsolicited seeds is urged not to plant them and to alert local officials.
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Contents Of Mystery Seed Bags From China Revealed | TODAY

#chinese seeds #Big News #Editor's picks #Weekend TODAY #seed packets from china #bags of seeds #china seed packages #whats in those bags of seeds #Today #bags from china

TODAY photo 1 Contents Of Mystery Seed Bags... TODAY photo 2 Contents Of Mystery Seed Bags... TODAY photo 3 Contents Of Mystery Seed Bags... TODAY photo 4 Contents Of Mystery Seed Bags...

Can’t believe this is news. I want to bet they’re just to create fake sales and reviews online.

by JE H 1 days ago

Dear China , I did not get my packet please send me herbs and tomatoes

by Magnate News 1 days ago

There's going to be that one person who plants them.

by Juan Garcia 1 days ago

It's a message: the seeds of America's destruction.

by Zylox Dragon 1 days ago

I'm not gonna lie.. this is a funny distraction lol 🤣🤣🤣

by NIYAH MARCEL 1 days ago

The old cabbage seed scare of 2020.

by off loc 1 days ago

They just wanted to make America prettier for when they invade us.

by Bryan F 1 days ago

Are those people trying to finish us off with plants,and food? .

by Peggy Palmer 1 days ago

US needs it’s own seed campaign... send them all some marijuana seeds. That’ll mellow out those communists 🍁

by t b 1 days ago

Tired of hearing about these seeds but they won’t tell us why they are so dangerous to tell state officials.. is it uranium or something?

by drac464 1 days ago

I'd like some of them seedless square watermelon seeds...

by DR BROWN 1 days ago

Sounds like a peace offering.

by PEEP 1 days ago

I’m gonna need that $600 to pass in Congress and a monthly stimulus check if you don’t want me to plant these Seeds

by drac464 1 days ago

Lemme know when they start sending electronics

by rock Onmyboi 1 days ago

😂😂😂 Sounds like the Chinese People are trying to give Americans hope that our own Government won’t provide ...

by El León Heart 1 days ago

Lololololol, world: gets some seeds . Hmmmm alright ...... USA: gets some seeds, quick call the feds we all gonna dieeeeeeee

by Yun Fu 1 days ago

sent from the US consulate in chengdu china before it closed down, this is to help with trumps election

by Cute and Funny Earthlings 1 days ago

If it’s nothing in there just flowers and roses and herbs then why can’t you plant them

by Mike Holly 1 days ago

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