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tobi lou - LINGO STARR (Official Video)

#game of thrones #Tyler the creator #tobi lou #butterflies #Music
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Dir: Glassface & tobi lou
DP: Glassface
Editor: tobi lou & Glassface
Production Company: Faceworld Studios
VFX Supervisor: Glassface
AC: Stayneutral
VFX Team: Glassface, Alex Popov, Nick Kirichenko, Ryan Zummallen
Colorist: Alex Jiminez
Sound design: Matteo Woods
Wardrobe: Avary Lauren & tobi lou
Producers: Glassface, Ryan Kincade
2D Animation: Ronald Grandpey
Title Design: Glassface
Art Direction/Additional Footage: Goodnightmeesh
Hair/Makeup Goodnightmeesh
Stunt Driver: Derrick Hardy
AC2: Syd Yatco
Lingo Starr: Return of the Dragon
prod. Maximilan, Ktwice, Matteo Woods, Poolsuite, tobi lou & William Nunez
Lingo Starr: Strikes Back
prod. Poolsuite & William Nunez
Lingo Starr: Drunken Master
prod. tobi lou, Poolsuite & Maximilian.
All songs mixed by Richard Furth.
#tobilou #lingostarr #buffbaby

#Kanye west #this is america #dragons #kendrick lamar #childish gambino #pearls #j. cole

tobi lou photo 1 tobi lou - LINGO STARR... tobi lou photo 2 tobi lou - LINGO STARR... tobi lou photo 3 tobi lou - LINGO STARR... tobi lou photo 4 tobi lou - LINGO STARR...

This was Tobi on a whole new level both lyrically and visually. There is so much great tunes and change ups in this and it's ALL FIRE 🔥

by Elusive Gaming 4 months ago

yup, this is it

by Mala 4 months ago

arai fui parar em outro mundo

by orfeuzera 3 months ago

you need to collab with AMINE!! That combo would be crazy

by crisjeong 3 months ago

Normally I get tired of overplaying an artist but I can't overplay Tobi

by Llano King 4 months ago

This is without a doubt the coolest project youtube has ever recommended to me at random, not only are the visuals out of this world on how playful and fun they are (while still being incredibly well shot and color graded). But the lyrics are a sweet blend of fun and serious with some amazing production and some thought through beat switches, this shit beautiful, this shit is black excellence, you worked hard and it shows.

by Isaiah swan 3 months ago

I didn't know I could love Tobi more than I already did. He's literally going to be a super star

by Stephanie Jameson 2 months ago

This mixed really well holly shit

by FAI5 3 months ago

This songs just kinda shows that most music sticks to a formula and if you just do whatever you want and say fuck the formula, it can be beautiful and awesome

by Benjy 4 months ago

It's unfair how underrated Tobi is. Anyone feel the same?

by DonnyJ 4 months ago


Yo, yo, yo, you're listening to tobi lou
(tobi lou)
(Brand new)
Be careful what you wish for, tobi
Damn, got it
I’m too hype in the Benz
2014 no rims
D-Wade gave this a 10
Bam, bop it, I'm back drivin' again
State licence and, passport just came in
France, Scotland, I ain’t never been
I've been stuck in USA, I'm an alien (Ooh)
Came here, immigrant, now I'm, citizen (Ayy)
Someone, fucked up, now I'm president (Yeah)
Say she, love me, on the, molly (Molly)
Don't believe her, then she, forget me ('Got me)
Had me, feelin', melancholy (’Choly)
Follow, me like, Champagne Papi (Word)
Live on, ice like, Sidney Crosby (Ooh)
I’ve been, workin', on my, body (Body)
We had, sushi, no wasabi (’Sabi)
Rolled a zoobie, then I beat it up like Zazi (Yeah)
I fell in love with that new G Wagon
Ridin' through your hood with the Gucci blastin'
(Seen a butterfly turn into a dragon)
(Seen a butterfly turn into-)
Stars on my face like Lingo
Killa Cam, Pink Floyd mingle (Woo)
24/8 like Reno
24-, 24-, 24-
It was no-, it was no-, it was no-, it was-
It was no accident, I let her go
Back on my dragon and you don't want smoke
Hopped in that Wagon I’m back on the road
Taking my pics on that camera phone
I'm in a hurry and get it to go
Back on my shit like Benny the Bull
Runnin' the country ahead of the polls
You can't say nothin' 'cause you didn't vote
You don't do nothin' man, you only pose
You only like, maybe retweet
You do not take, the fight to the streets
We had a rally and you were a ghost
My family feel like The Incredibles
I cannot do no more editables
It got me over here actin' a fool
Chains on my neck like I pity the fool
(New- new- new sound system- system and it's hitin')
(New sound system- system and it's hitin')
New sound system, sound system and it's hittin' (Yeah)
New sound system, sound system and it's hittin'
Got a new (Sound system- system and it's hittin')
Got a new (Sound system- system and it's hittin')
New sound system, sound system and it's hittin' (Yeah)
New sound system, sound system and it's hittin' (Lingo)
It really do be hittin' though (Brand new, yes)
Shit hit different (Hey Tobi, what's this?)
(It's that new new shit that nobody got, I got, you know what I'm sayin'?)
(Lingo Starr)
Got it, (Woo), yeah I got it (Yeah I got it)
He kept it, I forgot it, so I brought it back back
Got it boppin' baby, holla at me if you know the Lingo, Lingo, Lingo
(Hold it now)
Got it, (Woo), yeah I got it (Yeah I got it)
He thought that I forgot it, so I brought it back back
Got it boppin' baby, holla at me if you know the Lingo, Lingo, Lingo
(Hold it now)
I don't want no contracts, I just want the racks
I just want a long nap, yeah, somewhere off the map
Feel like Linda Ronstadt, ayy, when I'm off a pack
Think I got it down, pat, wait, let me bring it back
I don't want no contracts, mm, 'less it's for the max
Tobi Luther had a dream, and you showed a hundred stacks
They asked when I needed that
I said that I need it stat (Yeah)
I think there's something wrong with me 'cause I cannot relax, yeah
I just had a long day, I don't wanna chat, ayy
Talking to computers got me feelin' like Roger Zapp, yeah
Baby where you at? Are you hiding in an app?
Yeah, brighten up the contrast let me see the blacks
Okay I got it, and you can't do nothin' about it, yeah
My little sisters' iconic, (Which one?), both of 'em, both of 'em
Same beast, different animal like a Pokemon (What the fuck does that mean?)
Par five, par six, it's a hole in one, hole in one
Got it, (Got it, woo) yeah I got it
He thought that I forgot it, so I brought it back back
Got it boppin' baby, holla at me if you know the Lingo, Lingo, Lingo
(Hold it now)
Got it, (Woo), yeah I got it (Yeah I got it)
He thought that I forgot it, so I brought it back back
Got it boppin' baby, holla at me if you know the Lingo, Lingo, Lingo
(Hold it now)
(Whatever you want) I got it
(If I don't got it) I’ll find it
(If I can't find it) I'll make it
(If I can’t make it) I'll take it from whoever got it
When it comes to you I'm psycho
Carolina blue like Michael
Got a interview, I might go Super Saiyan in it 'til they
Offer me the max (max)
'Til then I'll be runnin' laps (laps)
They've been fumblin’ the ball (Ball)
So I had to run it back (Back)
Yeah, touchdown when I cross the border
I cause chaos and disorder
Dancin’ like I'm Austin Porter
Hit ’em with that scorcher, yeah
Straight to the point like a pointy hat (Hat)
Gave you all my heart now I want it back (Back)
Piggy on back, where the money at?
Came through, shut down the laundromat
Hopped in the bih like it's hopscotch (Yeah)
Sign said stop so we hotbox (Yeah)
I'm stayin' in shape baby, tip top (Tip top)
Tip top, tip top, tip top
So fucked up in the function (Woo)
Still can’t function without you (Woo)
But this right here ain't about you (Woo)
This right here is a how to (Yeah)
Get through it when you goin' through it
Don't stop baby keep it movin' (Movin')
Oh my god, whatchu doin'? (Yeah)
That's my baby
(Whatever you want) I got it
(If I don't got it) I'll find it
(If I can't find it) I'll make it
(If I can't make it) I'll take it from whoever got it
Gimme that
Lingo, got a brand new whip
I took that lil bitch for a stroll
Then I was gone like NSYNC
I feel like killer on 'role
I look so pretty in pink
I cannot tell 'em my mind
I even think when I sleep
I told them goodnight around 9
But I stayed up for the next week (Ooh)
I fell in love with my goals
I know how to motivate me
They asked who that on my shirt
I said that's my logo baby
What am I wearing? Me, mhm
Who is you hearin'? Me, mhm
Who don't give a fuck? Me, ooh
Who do I love? Me, bitch

by Raid 3 months ago

seriously though, LINGO STARR is a spiritual and existential multi-track experience.

by Lucy Lovesick 3 months ago

Ever since Mac Miller passed I've pretty much given up on music. Felt like I would never get into another artist like that again. But I seriously love this shit. Idk if Tobi reads these comments, but you might be what brought me back into music again. Love the uniqueness the most.

by ScottVeggies 2 months ago

I love hearing all those "Toby" lines from the office. Lol fits every song perfectly.

by ob1KENob Junior 2 months ago

I'd love to see Tobi collaborate with Tyler The Creator

by Pieduke 3 months ago

Tobi: strolling with cart
Me: I’ll take 4 buff babies sir

by LooseCannons ATL 4 months ago

I think it’s so cool that tobi is a independent artist. He knows he doesn’t need a record label to blow up. Keep grinding bro 💯

by wolf man44 4 months ago

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