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To The Point: 'Among Us', How to Play Imposter

#Among Us Mastery #Among Us Imposter Tutorial #To The Point #Among us #Gaming
Mastering Among Us as an Imposter. Your time has COME!!
What you've all been waiting for :)
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Hopeless Idiots Discord: https://discord.gg/fTvVKSf
Created with the help of the Hopeless Idiots: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRlbuyerpORdE14UhHkUIQ
Streamed on Thursdays https://www.twitch.tv/hi_kalaan
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/imperialkalaan?lang=en
Imposter Tips, Lone Kills are bae
Use admin, find loners, stab stab
Jump in vent when kill ready, jump stab jump
Kill timer stops in vent
Closer to vents the better
Dont kill those you've hung around a lot
Drive by kills, Double kills, Stacked kills, and Spawn kills are so delicious
Kill those proven innocent and leave alive the idiots
Dont just run around, pretend to task
If down to final 4, lie on emergency meeting and eject, then kill
Always fix sabotages
Discussion tips, Don't overtalk unless you're Goldwyn
Let idiots argue
stall for time, jokes are good
Don't kill your imposter friend, buuuuut do sometimes
Don't try and get random innocent crewmates out, have proof or a reason
Have a plan Stan!.
Maps: - Skeld - https://imgur.com/a/31YM4Pt
Mira - https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/ih62n2/mira_hq_35_screenshot_map_high_res_desktop/
Polus - https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/ifk78b/polus_map_100_phone_screenshots_merged_together/
Credits for creating Mira and Polus maps: https://www.reddit.com/user/mooseknuckle_king/
Ninja Dojo credit :- https://www.artstation.com/papymeka
Official Among us Discord: https://discord.com/invite/InnerSloth
Music: www.bensound.com
0:00 Intro
0:20 Imposter Tips
4:45 Imposter Discussions

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Reality : Crewmate just randomly accuse you, and somehow they are right

by Rayhan Syahbana 7 months ago

everyone asks whose the imposter
but never ask “how’s the imposter” :(

by JJ Play's 7 months ago

Someone wasn’t talking at all during discussions the whole game, I pointed it out, and he said these magic words, “I took a shit”

by GoCommitOofie 7 months ago

Me: never played Among Us
Also me: I’m gonna be so good

by Aurelia 8 months ago

u guys gotta play with discord with friends, the thrill of pulling off an oscar worthy performance is better than any drug

by Chan0 8 months ago

You forgot that if you’re in final four, you can blame someone else and tell them that you’d let them vote you if they weren’t the imposter. Once they eject the innocent you blamed, they’ll see that they messed up and immediately hover over the emergency button. They’ll be dying to press it before your kill cool down is finished. To avoid the meeting and getting voted out, you just simply sabotage reactors just before the emergency button cool down occurs, and you get to watch them scramble helplessly before killing any one of the two crew members and winning the game. You don’t even have to make the kill sneaky because it’s the last kill of the game. The reason this works is because the added time of waiting to press the emergency button, going to fix the reactors, AND having to come back is enough time for your cool down to wear off. It is IMPORTANT that you sabotage reactors and ONLY reactors is because it requires two people to fix them. You don’t want somebody to go fix electrical and have the other innocent press the button right after the lights are fixed. There’s no guarantee that your cool down will have finished.

That’s my little tip for securing a win when the last pair of innocents know you’re the imposter.

by Diego Lucano 8 months ago

How to play imposter simplified:
Don’t be purple.

by ZER⓿ 8 months ago

The sad part of being an imposter: having to kill the guy with a pet/ mini crew mate

by Troll 7 months ago

Kill those you've barely interacted with at all.
Kills my homework

by Paladin Cat 8 months ago

I feel like I'm watching a youtuber before he gets famous

by Mohamed518 8 months ago

I understand the 'vote for your impostor friend when they are found out' strategy, but just today, me and my impostor buddy was walking, I killed someone and accidently pressed report. No biggie, my impostor friend can vouch for me. NOPE. They said I killed right in front of them. There were no other witnesses. We could have EASILY gotten away with that, there were NO reason for them to blatantly rat me out. I would've forgiven them if they won, but we lost. WHAT THE ACTUAL F-

by NS Channel 7 months ago

Me (innocent): Reports body

Everyone : votes me

by Legendary Gamer 8 months ago

I once had a FANTASTIC game with randoms as Impostor. At the start of the game, I (cyan) noticed pink doing meteors. I stuck around and watched them do it, and I kept it in mind. I sabotaged comms, then kill-stacked while everyone fumbled trying to fix it, then I stood around as if I was helping too, until the body was spotted.

During discussion I vouched for Pink, and for the rest of the game I had Pink wrapped around my finger. I faked tasks with Pink tagging along, I followed Pink as they did tasks, sabotaging lights to break off and perform kills at every opportunity. Every discussion, I vouched for Pink and Pink would vouch for me - after all, I was with Pink every round, right?

It came down to four of us, and White was hard sussing me - but he had already destroyed his credibility by sussing Pink, who did meteors, and sussing Red, who was now dead. We moved as one unit to navigations as Brown tried to finish his last tasks, when I sabotaged the reactor on the complete opposite side of the ship.

Of course, I didn't break off to do it - I didn't want the impostor to kill whoever was left behind, of course. So I waited for everyone to move to reactor where I stood at the bottom and pretended to use the scanner, while Brown and Pink took too reactor. When White came, I killed him, just to rub it in his face. Then I won as the ship exploded. The next game, the ghosts of people I've killed (and Pink) told me I was a fantastic actor and no one but White expected it.

Lessons you can learn: vouch for someone and offer to buddy up, and never kill them. Kill during sabotages only if you can help it. Keep people who sus you for no reason alive till the end, because killing them actually makes you sus.

by Skeleton Doomguy 7 months ago

Tip: when you get caught while be the imposter say “ also the other imposter is ( some random person who not the imposter )” to help your teammate out. This works a lot

by Gacha mikaylah 7 months ago

"Kill those you've barely interacted with at all."

The Quiet kid in the back of the class:

by RoLite 8 months ago

I just can’t kill anyone with a pet it’s to much guilt for me..

by StarplatnumTHEWORLD 7 months ago

*don't overtalk

I literally fooled everyone just by spamming HAHAHA

by VoJacked 7 months ago

Tip: When performing a group kill, NEVER run away right after as that makes you incredibly sus.

by Captain Rex Builds 7 months ago

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