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Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah physically assaulted, shot at during protest, police say

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TMJ4 News photo 1 Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah physically... TMJ4 News photo 2 Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah physically... TMJ4 News photo 3 Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah physically... TMJ4 News photo 4 Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah physically...

They call it a "protest" instead of terrorism because they fear retaliation. The "protesters" didn't want to go on camera lol.

by Dave L 6 months ago

This was not a protest, this was a violent crime.

by Ben Meaker 6 months ago

Hiw do you "protest" at someone's back door? Isn't that a lynch mob?

by Parler 6 months ago

The ex-cop & his girlfriend didn’t want to go on camera...so we put them on camera @

by Wayne Brandon 6 months ago

Just another liberal news report, I really believe these reporters sold their souls to the devil

by Lawless Farming 6 months ago

I sure do hope these "protests" move twords the media outlets..
Wonder what the report would be if this happened at their news station?

by dennis kartes 6 months ago

These reporters are as guilty as the rioters and hopefully will face justice along with the rest.

by Rob Simer 6 months ago

Of course the ptotesters didn't want to go on camera lmao no accountability

by Boomer Sooner 6 months ago


by iBot 6 months ago

So the Democrat party officials who finance and direct ANTIFA/BLM Rent-A-Rioters are now arming them?

by Bertisevil666 6 months ago

i thought black lives matter...i guess not, he's just a cop.

by Stan's MGE 6 months ago

“We don’t condone violence” but continue to be violent.

by Tony Tiger 4 months ago

After the toilet paper shortage that's what they're going to do it. Lol

by Scott Belanger 6 months ago

“Protestors” : We do not condone violence.

That’s what they said as they slowly nudged the shotgun away from the camera

by Rordon Gamsay 5 months ago

Where the hell are the police !! Are they were defund ? We need good police like Mensah out there.

by Steven Jones 6 months ago

One of the shootings involved a drunk man with a sword who tried to kill Mensah. Another shooting was a man who was drunk and feel asleep in his car and had a gun in the passenger seat, Mensah instructed him to not reach for it and then the suspect reached for it 3 times the 3rd time Mensah shot him. The 3rd shooting is still under investigation but there's dashcam and audio, Mensah and other officers responded to reports of a man with a gun at a mall threatening people. You can hear in the audio of the 3rd shooting officers tell him to drop the gun multiple times and then shoot him 10 seconds later.

by Logan52s 6 months ago

CNN: crickets

by KaBoom 6 months ago

I wonder why this isn't making national news?

by EL AUTENTICO 6 months ago

“Lynch mob attempts to assassinate officer who has not been convicted of a crime.”

by J K 4 months ago

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