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Angela Writes A Will In Which Michael Is Left With Nothing | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

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She’s scared of cancer but smokes a pack a day... Cleary you’re not that scared sis

by Lost 5 days ago

Angela knows how to create a storyline, we need to give her that 😂😂.

by Neisci massingue 5 days ago

I hate when people prepare a will that leaves 50% of the house to the husband and 50% to the grandkids. Especially when there’s 6 of them. That basically leaves 50% to Michael and 8.33% to each grandchild. That forces them to sell the home upon her death and Michael gets half of the money. That also cuts out her children. If anything, I feel like the home should stay within the family for the kids and grandkids or she should put a clause in the will that the home will be sold and each child/grandchild/Michael will get X percent. Cause you know damn well they’re not gonna keep the home and share it with Michael to live in.

by Ash J 5 days ago

Green card is more than enough for michael because thats what he has been fighting n working for, let yr childrens get whats theirs

by Iban Wahlang 5 days ago

No one gonna address the BLATANT click-bait title? She literally wants to leave him half!

by jazminelovenicki 4 days ago

I think 20% is more reasonable considering how many grandkids she has

by J00300 5 days ago

I hope Angela stops smoking. She’s getting tested for cancer and that should be a wake up call to stop. Especially if she wants to get pregnant.

by Garnet97 5 days ago

Angela's daughter is the only one in the family with brains

by Courts 5 days ago

"I'll leave him 50%"

by JessBisme123 3 days ago

Now that skyla mentioned they have nothing in common.... i just realized we do never see footage of micheal and Angela doing anything together fun. Its just pure bussiness and fighting.

by Laura Luttrell 5 days ago

I don't think 50% of your house is "nothing"

by watchdealer11 5 days ago

50% is a lot to give a man you've been with for such a short time. He could sell her house and property.

by Jeanette Clark 5 days ago

I agree with skyla it won't last,he wants kids and she can't give him that.

by Mildred Perez 2 days ago

Guys the suspense is killing me!!! How did this end?!? Did Michael get the visa? Is Angela on the way to Nigeria? Is Michael sleeping on a green screen??! 😩😂

by Tomy Reacts 4 days ago

Is nobody gonna talk about how good that little girl was at the lawyers?

by Maddie Kilmer 5 days ago

She shouldn't be giving Michael a dime in her will. He's a grown ass man bringing no assets. The kids portion divided by 6 might as well be nothing. The kids' will have education costs and milestone costs. She needs to leave her all of assets to her grandchildren. Michael can fare on his own.

by Carol Lynne Couchman 5 days ago

Angela needs to stop pushing this relationship on her daughter. She doesn’t support and won’t go. It may hurt a bit but she’s grown and can make decisions for herself and sometimes YOU WONT LIKE IT. Why doesn’t she try listening to her daughter? She made good points. They have nothing in common and she has never met Michael.

by Heyitscierre ! 5 days ago

If I was in Angela's place and I have a house BEFORE I marry, my house will go to my family NOT the husband.

by MiMi Ortiz 5 days ago

“If he was American, we would know him.” Yeah, being born in America doesn’t automatically make you a better, more trustworthy person

by E J 5 days ago

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