tinchy stryder game over ft giggs professor green tinie tempah devlin

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When I was a Kid This was like the Infinity War of Rappers — literally had all my favourites

by First Last 7 months ago

Devlin looks like a guy who would steal ya phone at a party then help you look for it

by Paul Short 10 months ago

giggs is spitting too fast. can't understand a word he's saying.

by Tez Tezza 4 years ago

Devlin here looks like the type of guy who says "i swear on my nan'

by Rtm00s 1 year ago

Ha 10 years later and chip's verse is still the absolute worst

by Jack Szynaka 9 months ago

I remember hearing this years back. A mate starting rapping chipmunk's verse as "I open my mouth, I'm Islamic, the Jew's a liability, mmmm I'm on acid". That's all I can hear now.

by Turtle Oversight 4 years ago

Wow 5 years later and i still don't know what chipmunk talking about

by Kyle Turton 5 years ago

Devlin spitting like he got sanctioned from job centre.

by B Ali 11 months ago

Is it me or was Example's verse the best?

by Etes GB 4 years ago

5 years later Chips bar is still one of the WORST ever spat.

by Shokarneda 5 years ago

tinchy looks like one of those confused old men you see in tesco's

by angelo the mangelo 5 years ago

Devlin looks like one of those white kids who swears at his mum

by donfifaking11 5 years ago

2019 anyone? Still a banger many years later 👌🏻

by Mr.Dave Blank 1 year ago

so it turns out tinchy stryder an tinie tempah are NOT the same person lol

by DeathEgg666 4 years ago

Back when everyone had their Facebook Statuses as 'I could tear apart MC's but I'd rather read a book on childcare by Kerry Katona'

by ragii 4 years ago

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