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Rap Radar: Will Smith

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Will Smithโ€™s resume speaks for itself. For over 30 years, West Philadelphiaโ€™s favorite son has conquered music, television, and film. But after stepping away from the booth, The Fresh Prince is dusting off his crown with freestyles and an insatiable social media following. On location in Budapest, Big Willie speaks on his new music, The Fresh Prince, box office success, family, and more!
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The Joe Budden Podcast brought me here!

by Photo-Me-Ike 2 years ago

"Happiness is peace, not pleasure."

Will Smith is America's favorite uncle.

by O Fresh 2 years ago

Every time I listen to Will Smith, he got me thinking I can rule the world.

by Tot Morgen 2 years ago

He sounds like what Kanye thinks he sounds like.

by Terry Davis 2 years ago

Will Smith legit should've gotten the Oscar for "Pursuit of Happyness".

by Maurice Proffit 2 years ago

Will is so human and wise. It sucks that he didn't get his credit as a rapper for years... What does it say about the black community that as a rapper he gets no respect because of his clean raps, as a actor he is always mentioned behind denzel and now even new black actors, as a married men his wife is beautiful and yet people talk more about love and hip hop or basketball wives. Will is so great and yet he gets no respect from the black community.

Mr. Smith if you ever read this I would love to take you out to lunch and say thank you! Thank you for not turning your back on us or leaving us even though we have done so to you for years. And most importantly thank you for showing the world that we black men are more, so much more than the negative stereotypes.

by Gabriel Alexander 2 years ago

Will smith rarely does these type of interviews. Itโ€™s so refreshing to see him unleashed!!

by Elite Clinical Research 2 years ago

"Telling some one to STFU at the right time, is the right thing"


by Conquered.Kozmos 2 years ago

My favorite nugget from Mr. Smith: "As much as marriage is a relationship commitment it really is a singular commitment to yourself that you are going to use your marriage to develop yourself. MARRIAGE DEMANDS THAT YOU BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU OR IT (MARRIAGE) AIN'T GON WORK!"

by Terrance Slaughter 2 years ago

This is the real ๐Ÿ if we all goin to be honest

by clifjr954 2 years ago

What I loved was how informed the interviewers were, they did their research! Good stuff.

by Brittany Daniel 2 years ago

Will uses Instagram perfectly

by BIG STAK 2 years ago

Hold up, all my life mofos were saying that Fresh Prince scene was so good cuz Will dad actually left....but Will's dad was in his life. Nigga That Was Just Good Acting ๐Ÿ˜‚

by -Sir WESLEE- 2 years ago

Truuuuuuu story

I was watching Denzel's flick Roman Israel, and my girl said,"I could see will Smith playing this role".... I thought for a few seconds, then said, " Nah. I don't think will would be as effective... will is awesome, but I don't think he could come off as meek as Denzel did playing this role. Will is a nice guy, but could he erase his swag completely the way Denzel did? I don't think so..."
Fast forward a few days later, and here's Will saying he sees Denzel do things that he can't.


by Chaz G 2 years ago

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