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Rap Radar: Nipsey Hussle

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In memory of Combat Jack. 1969-2017
Itโ€™s been a long time coming for Nipsey Hussle. With a string of successful indie releases, the Los Angeles native partnered with Atlantic Records for his major label debut, Victory Lap. But Nipseyโ€™s hustle extends beyond music. This summer, he reopened his Marathon Clothing Store in his hometown. On location, Nip discusses his forthcoming project, business endeavors, and more. Hussleโ€™s in the house!
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Nip is good at doing interviews very smart and articulate. You really get a feel of who he is as a person.

by Carlosqmcg 2 years ago

Good questions! Usually they always ask the same questions to nipsey.

by Saint Anthony 2 years ago

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