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Big Brain Impostor Moments | Among Us

#Impostor #Big Brain #Among Us #Gaming
big brain impostor moments in among us that will make you question reality
also new logo! hope you enjoy! :b
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzPsRsrUjUaTktuIHjO5Dg _ Ashli's Animation Journey Channel (person who made new logo)
I will not be hearting every comment anymore as i am getting too many comments for me to keep up on, sorry i hope you understand bye :D

Thomas3316 photo 1 Big Brain Impostor Moments |... Thomas3316 photo 2 Big Brain Impostor Moments |... Thomas3316 photo 3 Big Brain Impostor Moments |... Thomas3316 photo 4 Big Brain Impostor Moments |...

If u pin this I will jump into my pool

by Gaming Hut 2 months ago

These aren’t big brain moments, it’s just that the crewmates have smol brain.

by poopdoodle 2 months ago

they speak turkish and yellow's name mean is "it does not concern you" 😂😂

by Beyza Lale 2 months ago

double kills are the most satisfying thing in the world

by decent 2 months ago

When I’m not imposter: “peepee brain people”
When I’m imposter: “big brain people”

by Steven Universe 2 months ago

Why does the undertale soundtrack go so well with this game???

by Intrxvert 2 months ago

Is this big brain or small brain?

me: dead ghost, leave if it’s pink
Green left the game
me: confirmed pink

by Patrick Wang 2 months ago

BAHAHAHHA “oh no, foreign language” *proceeds to leave*

by Aleena Ly 2 months ago

This title should just be called “Getting Imposter Every-time”

by PickleDillz 2 months ago

How is he imposter so much. I’m imposter literally every like 10 rounds

by Kelsie Paige 2 months ago

No one:
Random among us players when someone reports:SELF REPORT VOTE HIM OFF
The imposters: 👀

by Kittensrock525 2 months ago

someone kills in front of everyone

by no nickname 2 months ago

U guys where suspicious af the thing is that the others were noobs

by Pinky Popi 2 months ago

yea totally big brain moment, the lights were off lmao they couldn't have seen you

by Alexander Zou 2 months ago

me realizing im imposter

walks around trying to look less sus

sees orange at nav so i act like im doing a task abt to kill orange

red comes out of nowhere when i was literally abt to kill orange

my heart beating like a drum

by chzrlir 2 months ago

Ok got 2 stories for y’all people reading this-

One time when I was imposter (1 imposter round) I went into medbay thinking that there was one person in there and closed the door. After I closed/sabotaged the doors I just realized there were 2 people in there. And guess what happened? I got ejected 😃

Another time when I was imposter & 2 people were remaining (3 people counting me and minus the person I killed) and everyone split up (for some stupid reason lmao) and I killed brown in security. When the body was reported, they found out it was me somehow, even after they specifically said everyone had split up. And they were on the opposite side of the map. Somehow they found out I Vented.

H o w

by ꧁ Lav_ENDER_Bean ! ꧂ 2 months ago

That's some good demonstration of rare lobbies

by apollium 2 months ago

, tip:- never stand still when ur sabotaging. If u stand still and sabotage people will be sus of u

by Aditya Harikrishnan 2 months ago

Whenever I play among us I can have entire vacations without getting imposter once

by Jesus Christ 2 months ago

Kinda sus how first game you were imposter with "bad"
In another round you were imposter with "pro"

by Chiwwi - 2 months ago

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