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The Last of Us Part II Mystery Box Unboxing [Ultra Rare]

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Hi, the first giveaway already ended but I'm doing a part II:

by TheRelaxingEnd 1 months ago

I feel like this man's house is like a museum of special editions
Edit: Things change, make the best of it

by 1CEY Gfx 1 months ago

I feel that they should had added Joel’s mug and Ellie’s full Diary entry.
That would make it even cooler! 😎

by Hex 720D 1 months ago

if it included Ellie's knife this would be the best special edition box out there

by samuel cermeño 1 weeks ago

I feel like he's seducing me with the way he does unboxings.

by Joseph Stalin 3 weeks ago

starts swinging Dina’s bracelet
Me: “be carefullll 👁👄👁”

by Connie Mackay 2 weeks ago

I feel like it’ll be more awesome if they gave like Ellie’s diary with all the drawings and notes she wrote down during the game 😔

by black roses 1 months ago

He opens stuff and gets literally the rarest things for free and meanwhile I cant even afford a Nintendo Switch.. lol

Edit: Meanwhile i got a switch (acnh edition) :3

by Just me 3 weeks ago

They should have made custom guitars man. They’re so central to the game, it would have been fucking badass

by mars 2 weeks ago

Awesome kit. I sure would be cool if they included the action cards she was collecting 😁

by Pat Miller 4 weeks ago

Imagine if instead of Ellie you’d get a statue of Abby

by Richard Endresz 2 weeks ago

Imaging a robber breaking into this guys house and just get scared by how many knives he has

by GG_M1DN1GHT 1 months ago

Is it just me or did he scratch his steelbook on Ellie's face by removing the plastic with his kukri ?

by Jeroen Morhen 4 days ago

Be he can’t wait to fill that backpack with flaming molotovs and bricks.

by Zuk 250 4 weeks ago

Oh man... I would die happy if some day in my life, I had that backpack

by Gaspar Lopez Torales 4 weeks ago

The scratch he's leaving on the Steelbook is killing me. 😥

by xacidrainx13 2 weeks ago

Would've been awesome if they added Joel's watch

by KaboshkiWulf 1 months ago

I feel like I can smell this through the screen.

by Chicken Joe 3 weeks ago

I missed the jar of communists’ tears.

by G Money 21 hours ago

I already fully played the last of us part 2 now im playing it for the second time

by Dylan VDD 1 weeks ago

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