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THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Last of Us Part 2)

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The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, Campaign Mission 1 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5) later. Thanks Playstation for giving me this review copy. This 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 Story Campaign Walkthrough will be the Full Game including a Review, Prologue, All Story Chapters, OST, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Missions, Joel, Ellie, Abby, Artifacts, Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Workbenches, Safes, Chapters, Jackson, Seattle Day 1, Encounters and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story..
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The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Playstation 5. Set five years after the events of The Last of Us, players enter the role of 19-year-old Ellie, who comes into conflict with a mysterious cult in a post-apocalyptic United States. The game contains survival horror elements and is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.
The Last of Us Part 2 is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, bows, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The gameplay mechanics in Part II have also expanded upon its predecessor, The Last of Us. In it the player character can traverse the environment more openly by being able to reach higher vantage points by jumping and climbing while playing as the more nimble Ellie. Players can also crawl in a prone position to evade enemies. Throughout the game, players will have a non-player character assisting them. Additionally, large portions of the game are set in Seattle, Washington.
The game also sees the return of "Listen Mode" allowing players to locate enemies through a heightened sense of hearing and spatial awareness, indicated as outlines visible through walls and objects. Additionally, players can collect supplements to upgrade skills in a skill tree. The three main branches of the tree are Survival, Crafting, and Stealth. Survival upgrades improve health, Listen Mode's range, and throw distance. Crafting upgrades allow for melee upgrades, increase to Ellie's crafting speed, and the ability to craft smoke and stun bombs. Stealth upgrades improve prone movement speed, faster stealth kills, and unlock pistol silencers. Part II also introduces guard dogs that can track the player's scent.
The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game and about 25 years after the outbreak of the Cordyceps Brain Infection began. Ellie, who is now 19 years old, will return as the main protagonist whom players will assume control of, as well as Joel in his mid-fifties. The story will be split into four seasonal chapters, starting with Jackson County, Wyoming, during the winter months. The pair, having settled down in Tommy's settlement, live in relative peace within the thriving community. While there, Ellie has even managed to form friendships with Dina and Jesse. However, the survivors face constant threats from the Infected and other hostile survivors.
Characters include, Ellie โ€“ The playable protagonist of the game. Ellie was formerly a denizen from the Boston Quarantine Zone and is immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. She returns from the original game and is now nineteen years old and sports a tattoo over the bite scar on her right arm. She is fueled by hate and is on a personal quest of revenge against unknown people.
Joel โ€“ The deuteragonist of the game. Joel is a survivor of the CBI outbreak who returns from the original game, alongside Ellie. He is now in his early to mid-fifties.
Unnamed woman โ€“ A stocky woman whom Emily hunted for unknown reasons. Her name remains a secret.
Dina - A young woman, Jesse's ex-girlfriend and Ellieโ€™s associate.
Yara โ€“ Yara and her brother Lev were former members of the Seraphites.
Lev โ€“ Lev is Yara's younger brother. The pair left the Seraphites for unknown reasons.
Tommy - Joel's younger brother, also returning from the original game. He is one of the leaders of the community in Jackson.
Jesse - Dina's ex-boyfriend and a friend of Ellie.
Emily โ€“ A member of a religious cult called the Seraphites, set to wipe out all 'sin' in the world after the outbreak..
Nora - A high-ranking member in the Washington Liberation Front. Ellie pursues her through Seattle.
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Just wanted to say thanks for any and all support you drop on this video. Been looking forward to this for 7 years and Iโ€™m glad to have you with me again fam.

Update: I'm pretty blown away by the support on this series so far and I just want you to know I appreciate all of you for watching.

Update 2: I chose two winners based on the comment and just found two that stood out.
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by theRadBrad 3 months ago

Brad has a daughter? man, i remember when he talked about college and girlfriend. well, congrats, Brad.

by OldSchoolGenius 3 months ago

I donโ€™t know if he named his daughter clementine after the walking dead series but itโ€™s badass anyways

by Appa The Sky Bison 2 months ago

"Ah, I hurt my shoulder."
Bandages lower arm
"That oughta fix it."

by FreakDaMind 2 months ago

Brad: "how convenient"
Long time subscribers: HE SAID IT. HE SAID THE THING

by Bloo 22 1 month ago

Amazing looking snowy mountain tops in the distance

Brad: Yooo, look at the detail on that backpack!

by Valter Lassen 2 months ago

He's no longer the rad Brad anymore he's the rad dad now

by ethan Sommerfeldt 3 months ago

While playing Last of us part 1, you and your girlfriend went to buy a puppy and now you have a daughter...
There is something poetic about it

by Priyanshu Mallick 3 weeks ago

Man... Ellie's face when Joel says "I swear." It's art. So many thoughts and emotions portrayed through a facial expression and eye movement.

by FreshPeeshes 2 months ago

7 years ago Brad said in his video "Joel's a man's man "and wouldn't sing but i guess he did sing, took him 7 years though !

by Piyush Bidhuri 6 days ago

In the first Last Of Us he talked about his girlfriend and now he is talking about his daughter so much can change in 7 years congrats Brad

by Supriti Sarker 3 weeks ago

One of the reasons i love watching TheRadBrad i cause he NEVER talk during cutscene

by Marina GuardadoReed 3 months ago

I love how he doesnt talk when theres a cutscene and you gotta give respect for that

by LuigiKartStadium 1 day ago

At the beginning:ok let's get my REVENGE!!. At the end: ellie seriously

by Jirachi Star 1 month ago

Brad: โ€œIf we get 50,000 likesโ€

Me: * looks at like bar *
So, you have chosen death.

by Alexander Supertramp 2 months ago

That first interaction we see between Joel and Ellie is tremendously awkward.

by The Nadfin 2 months ago

He named his daughter Clementine thatโ€™s beautiful heโ€™s a true nerd

by DanielJames247 3 months ago

i just finished watching part 1. And the part 2 has started exactly where part 1 ended. That's so cool.

by saurav santara 2 months ago

"G'night kiddo" wish that joel had the chance to say that to dina's child๐Ÿ˜ข

by Anonymous 2 months ago

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