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What Happens when KIT Meets his DAD MEOWSCLES in Fortnite? (BOSSES)

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What Happens When Kit meets his dad Meowscles in Fortnite? We test bosses myths here in Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 3!
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We also test what happens when Kit and Ocean meet, soon we’ll have to see what Jules does as well! We bring jules all the way from the Fortilla to Catty Corner in the Helicopter using some tricks. It’s definitely a challenge but the reward was fun. And of course there’s gameplay of the best moments so enjoy!
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TheLlamaSir photo 1 What Happens when KIT Meets... TheLlamaSir photo 2 What Happens when KIT Meets... TheLlamaSir photo 3 What Happens when KIT Meets... TheLlamaSir photo 4 What Happens when KIT Meets...

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What should I test next?

by TheLlamaSir 6 months ago

Skins doesn't make any changes, is like kit just see a player.

by Henry Studios 5 months ago

For Kit's reaction to seeing Meowscles and Lynx, I expected him to attack because he attacks all except his henchmen

by hyper shadic 2 months ago

Me after watching this:

Kit: hates Ocean (a lot)

Ocean: wishes she could take a break

And nobody cares about Jules...

RIP Jules

by Aaron Chang 5 months ago

The title : what happens when when KIT meets his DAD MEOWSCLES in fortnite?
Me : its easy kit will kill meowscles

by The League Of No Dads シ 6 months ago

or it's just that Fortnite doesn't give advantages to people who baught the skin

by Potatochip 1023 6 months ago

TheLlamaSir: *killing Ocean*
Ocean: E U!

by Nita 4 months ago

There’s a reason kit attacks lynx and meowscles otherwise the game would be pay to win

by Guy who exists 6 months ago

no kit knows when it’s a player even if u put his dad he’s programmed to know i think

by fortnite player 4 months ago

Fun fact: the loading screen "The Lab" shows kit making his mechanical suit, and in the background there is a picture of lynx.

by GryffindorGlader 5 months ago

Theory: lynx is kits sister and meowscles never came back with the milk

by Zesty Pineapple 6 months ago

lynx: hi son
Kit:(shoots at mom) you left

by Skull god 4 months ago

Thellamasir :Heart with Lynx on it. Dinogamer (me): told you😀

by Jeremiah Perez 5 months ago

The reason kit attacked both is because the skin has no effect on the bosses.

by Yoshikage Kira 6 months ago

You should’ve did the emote with his dad

by iSpeactE 6 months ago

I love he said you will get a win in the next match xD

by Wero RBLX 5 months ago

Lynx loading screen from back in chapter 1 also has a picture of meowscles

by Reece Campbell 6 months ago

U chraging ppl when we can watch vids for free on youtube

by WOLVER1NE KN0WN 5 months ago

He wouldn't react to his mom or day otherwise it would be pay to win

by Connor Rawlinson 6 months ago

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