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10 Video Games That Humiliate Players For Cheating

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No one likes a cheater especially when it comes to video games. The majority of players prefer to build their gaming skills through honest playthroughs and experiencing the game as a whole without any assistance other than, maybe, reading through a guide here and there. A gamer cannot honestly say they’re skilled in any game series if they obtained their rank or status by cheating..
Previously, we’ve heard about pro gamers who were caught cheating publicly and subsequently booted from servers or banned from competitions, sometimes even permanently. Most competitive arenas do not have time for cheaters and feel as though these dishonest practices take away real victories from gamers who have the integrity to advance in games through skill alone. Losing to a cheater is the ultimate insult as these players did not earn their win and, at the same time, cause real gamers to lose unfairly.
Then, there are the developers who have also become fed up with cheaters ruining their hard work for all of the honest players out there. Games run in an online atmosphere have the ability to permanently ban cheaters if they can catch them in the act, but what if developers wanted to take punishments just a little bit farther? From deleting the entire saved game file to forcing cheaters to only play with other cheaters, these developers found creative ways to punish cheaters ruining games for other players. After all, if a gamer is cheating and it spoils the fun for everyone else, they’re getting exactly what they deserve. Without further ado, here are 10 games that humiliate the player for cheating. Enjoy!
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Edited by: Lashan Ranasinghe
Featuring, Ark: Survival Evolved | 0:36.
Banjo Kazooie | 1:44
Max Payne 3 | 2:44
Animal Crossing | 3:46
Marvel VS Capcom 3 | 4:49
Slender: The Arrival | 5:51
Titanfall | 6:49
The Witcher 3 | 7:52
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening | 8:53
Grand Theft Auto V | 9:50
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