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Schumer Calls Out SCOTUS Justices | The View

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Sen. Chuck Schumer calls out Supreme Court
Andrew Yang and “The View” co-hosts discuss Schumer’s defense of his comments after Chief Justice John Roberts called them “dangerous.”
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Schumer was threatening these judges, he then lies about who he threatened. He should not be a leader.

by Angel B 6 months ago

Yang is EXACTLY right on term limits, and it needs to go further than just the Supreme Court.  All elected federal political offices should have term limits as well.

by Christopher Oswald 6 months ago

Whoopi doesn’t know anything about anything 😂 every show she says “you just don’t know” or “we’ll know when we know”

by Josh Ramirez 6 months ago

How do you people defend this blatant attack on 2 justices????

by wingsandstrings 6 months ago

Yang’s joke about Ginsburg at the end was freaking hilarious! 😂 Too true though. I didn’t realize Yang could be that funny.

by Najee T 6 months ago

The left has used the term “ Speech is Violence” for over a decade now. So, does this qualify?

by DobyxRC 6 months ago


by Rose Oswin 6 months ago

Talk about a double standard. If Mitch McConnell said what Chuck Schumer said the Democrat Socialists would be in a frenzy right now and pressing charges.

by A.J. Rodgers 6 months ago

"You're not just voting for a President, you're voting for Supreme Court Justices as well" - Joy Behar
"Duhh!" - Every Trump supporter ever

by David Claytor 6 months ago

Joy "would" stick up for the despicable statement from Schumer. She's an awful human! Just take the View off the air and save us from the foolishness and idiocy.

by n williams 6 months ago

Schumer “You two Supreme Court justices will suffer and you won’t know what hit you” serious attacks 🤦🏻‍♂️

by Luis 6 months ago

When you have over 70 million unborn babies killed since 1973 this no longer becomes a woman’s right to abort a baby it now becomes a genocide against babies and should labeled as such. This is a evil practice.

by Teddy300 6 months ago

schumer, pelosi, waters - the poster children of no term limits

by Ted Sheckler 6 months ago

Whoopi is so sensitive about speaking facts with regards to age.

by Esteniz Lindor 6 months ago

If someone can be jailed for threat. This should be treated as same.

by Studio Semantics 6 months ago

"Stuff that comes to kill you doesn't care how old you are."
Wow. Just....wow. And on so many levels, too.
Picard is facepalming at you, Whoopie.

by Cyber Lynx 6 months ago

Schumer's comments, insincere backtrack and pandering to the crowd only hurts their cause. Also, the ravings of Rashida Tlaib and Busy Phillips creates confusion and animosity. Please don't tell young women you are successful (nice house and car) because you had an abortion. Is that the message - motivation to do it? I don't think so. Choice is choice, it's not counseling women on the benefits of doing it. Keep the angry people off the stage. They shouldn't carry the message for such a personal and emotional cause.

by ermhw 6 months ago

I guess this is one of those "left-at-all-cost" TV shows that are a dime o' dozen in Hollywood. The subject matter is interesting, but the liberal hosts and guests are by all accounts much more forgiving about it when it's one of their own. As for Chucky boy -- he's a pinheaded schlemiel.

by Pac Z 6 months ago

There is African proverb which says "The tongue always betray the heart". You actually intend to kill Justices of SCOTUS.

by AARON LYAMUYA 6 months ago

Yang!!! wow your points are exactly what I was waiting for and yes meghan is a hypocrite she screams over people when trying to explain new ideas she doesn't like.

by Willy Wallie 6 months ago

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