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Haaland Not The Man! Dembele & Konate Transfer BIDS? Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd's transfer pursuit of Erling Haaland is a waste of time in more ways than one and could a late Kounate and Dembele bid solve United's issues? Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection https://united-stand.myshopify.com/
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The United Stand photo 1 Haaland Not The Man! Dembele... The United Stand photo 2 Haaland Not The Man! Dembele... The United Stand photo 3 Haaland Not The Man! Dembele... The United Stand photo 4 Haaland Not The Man! Dembele...

We are hoping for varane, haaland and rice we will end up with mings, ings and mark noble 😂🤦🏻

by kevin millington 3 weeks ago

Big clubs fans are excited to see their team playing in the champions League, and Man United fans are excited by a transfer that will never happen.

by Amestan Sadik 3 weeks ago

Never thought we would get Haaland in the first place

by Trevor Cross 3 weeks ago

It’s cool mark how your news says "Forget Haaland" on the thumbnail. But it is a bit sad when it says "Haaland is the one" on Flex’s thumbnail a day earlier/later

by StarTom 3 weeks ago

Happy birthday mark🥳🥳

by AM7 Gaming 3 weeks ago

I almost feel guilty that I wouldn’t mind signing haaland for the simple fact other clubs won’t get him

by Paulson 3 weeks ago

We definitely need to prioritise other positions but in terms of creating chances, this is a style of play problem (managerial/coaching), bringing in Sancho won’t solve this issue without better tactics.

by Legit Walrus 3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday 🎁🎈🎊🎉🎂 to the one and only THE GOAT 🐐 Mark Goldbridge!!!

by Franco Rojas 3 weeks ago

Everyone is leaving
Will we have a full squad
Peace family

by Rusty James 3 weeks ago

Honestly I haven’t felt a single bit excited or belived these Haaland rumours. I believed it for Sancho and I’m not gonna end up being disappointed again.

by MUFC 1999 3 weeks ago

Happy birthday Mark!! You made 2020 bearable with all your daily videos!

by MaklyRam 3 weeks ago

Happy birthday Mr Goldbridge, hope you a great day. Thank you for the contribution you have made from a football (and entertainment) perspective to all our lives, particularly in the past year. From a Utd supporter of 45 years in Australia.

by Michael Rowell 3 weeks ago

Have a healthy and blessed Birthday Mark. 😇

by VK in Bangkok 3 weeks ago

A happy birthday to you Mark wish you many,many moreand even more than that

On the business side we don't need Halland,yes he is a fantastic talent,however he is not a priority , right now our team needs a proper CDM.CB and a RW at the moment we don't need Halland we need other players to develop our great club 💯⚽️

by Rodney Joseph 3 weeks ago

The glazers have lowered our expectations and this is a disgrace

by Wigsone 3 weeks ago

I think its Harry Maguire who is the snake because there was a quote saying he prefers English players because they understand the English game better or some shite like that now I'm not sure if that true or not but that is quite disgraceful.

by PH 3 weeks ago

Happy birthday Mark also I literally wake up now and wish to myself that there is no news linking us with Haaland haha

by LiamMufc100 3 weeks ago

At this rate I'm sure if United Stand keep posting Haaland news they would able to raise enough funds to buy him

by Mr. 007 3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday 🎂 🎁 Pal!! Have a good one!

by Jarod Reddig 3 weeks ago

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