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Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay LEAKED!

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Harry potter hogwarts legacy gameplay has been leaked online! Now while we only get brief snippets of the gameplay hogwarts legacy is looking amazing with a vast series of spells, customization options and story missions to pursue!
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The Twisted Jedi photo 1 Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay... The Twisted Jedi photo 2 Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay... The Twisted Jedi photo 3 Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay... The Twisted Jedi photo 4 Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay...

I hope there is an element of "turning bad" and the choice to become a dark witch or wizard.

by Mitchell McManus 3 weeks ago

Set in the late 1800s

Dumbledore was born in 1881, maybe we’ll go to school with him!!

by adamschannel 1 month ago

Now all we need is an open world avatar game, either in a distant timeline before Aang‘s or after Korra‘s

by Kelvin Manalu 1 month ago

if it’s an open world rpg, i kinda hope it’s like skyrim where there are tons of spells, i hope they do it well

by Astrophyz 1 month ago

i hope they have avada kedavra and not be like "oh noo that is toooo violent"

by StainZ 3 weeks ago

Favourite character is probably Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, or Luna Lovegood. Gotta say I’m really excited for this game.

by TheRemixedPhoenix 1 month ago

One very important thing, they should add is a short quick quiz at the start for placement in houses. It doesn't affect the gameplay but it does allow us to connect to ourselves making the game feel more relatable, more personalized experience and a better experience than what choosing our own houses would give us.

by The Phoenix 1 month ago

Even though this was leaked years ago, that’s better because just imagine how much more it has probably improved! This game looked really good in 2016 just imagine now with the ps5.

by Instinctz 1 month ago

Humans are so cool. We know going to Hogwarts is an impossibility. But what we CAN do is simulate a virtual reality that bring this whole world to life and where all of this is possible. Awesome.

by Marius 1 month ago

They had better bring back the GOAT spell Flipendo

by Shad0w5carab 1 month ago

Imagine if you could activate spells by speaking into the mic

by Night 1to1 1 month ago

I really want to see a fully immersive game. I hope this doesn’t disappoint. it would be cool to explore and pick and choose your path while having to actually know potions, charms, etc and having to say the spells aloud and such. would be better in VR but that’s a bit ambitious 😂

by Kaitlyn Kennedy 1 month ago

This is actually the leaked footage from 2018. Still cool to see your perspective on the gameplay and my favorite HP character is Harry himself lol.

by Sith Morrison 1 month ago

I'm excited to see the Hufflepuff Common Room! I hope we can tickle the pear and get into the Kitchen for a late night snacK!

by Karen From Finasse 1 month ago

Let's all just imagine for a minute that gameplay leakers didn't record footage after eating a bucket of greasy fried chicken and filming on an old flip phone with a max quality of 144p.

Wouldn't that be great?

by FutabaChan 3 weeks ago

I think using a mic and saying the spells aloud to cast them would be pretty awesome.

by Nathan 1 month ago

Favorite character is Severus Snape, Always...

by Manny G 1 month ago

I’m definitely choosing Slytherin and I’m going to become like Grindlemort 2.0.

by Johnathan Carter 2 weeks ago

My favorite character is Remus Lupin. He's badass as a professor, mentor, werewolf and auror! Can't wait for this game!

by Mandalorian Marauder 1 month ago

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