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Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy - Everything We Know So Far

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy is a brand new open-world RPG game being developed by avalanche games in tandem with portkey games. This new Harry Potter game will take place in the 1800s well before the time of Harry & Lord Voldemort so you will be playing as a custom created character. You will be able to do things like learn spells, make potions, tame beasts and probably even play quidditch! The hogwarts castle is going to be the new home where you create your own story in the harry potter universe.
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First day of school..

Random girl: "Oh hey!.."
Me: "Avada Kedavra!!"

by Predator Productionz 2 months ago

I hope they have a wand customization option, like the way you could customize your lightsaber in fallen order

by Xander Newell 2 months ago

I liked the fact that its also an open world game, allows more for exploration of Hogwarts. I hope they somehow stick an easter egg from the movies though.

by J Guanzon 2 months ago

Since we can see the dementors in the trailer, Iโ€™m guessing we can do the Patronus Charm and also our patronus will be based on the choices we make

by Spiral YT 2 months ago

I guess 2020 decided to treat us Harry Potter fans๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™ˆ

by ITzGio XD 2 months ago

Hoping that this character customization is very vast so I can be Bob Ross exploring Hogwarts

by taco man 2 months ago

My father will hear about this and buy me this game.

by Terzo X 2 months ago

Hufflepuff, man. Nothing takes the edge off of stressing over the Goblet of Fire like toking a gillyweed blunt rolled in boomslang skin.

by AJ Draws 2 months ago

it says its dated in the late 1800's which is potentially when young Dumbledore attended school (1892) if so that would be awesome to just see him as like a first year or something running around or have a convo with him quickly during some quest or mission.

by Danny 2 months ago

definitely going to have to play this game all the way through at least twice. 1st i will be the greatest sorcerer Hogwarts has ever seen, most pure hearted, & talented wizard of all time (hopefully become an Auror). 2nd...well letโ€™s just say not even Voldemort could live up to my name.

by Matt TheMac 2 months ago

I am so hyped for this game you have no idea! There better be flight mechanics not only brooms there are so many magical creatures to fly on, and qudditch is a must! Also Slytherin

by Jimma Jam 2 months ago

definitely Slytherin

by Alex S 2 months ago

Alright lads, time to get ready for Slytherin Boogaloo

by Lagstion 2 months ago

I've taken the pottermore text about 20 times, and each time I've gotten Slytherin. Slytherin fits me.

by Logan Galhaut 2 months ago

I swear if we are allowed to become an animagi. MY GUY, I'll be all over that

by RJWPoisonSpider 2 months ago

I can finally become a dark magic Slytherin.

by E T 2 months ago

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