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Trump Officially Bans TikTok | The Tonight Show

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Jimmy addresses the Trump administration scrapping plans to send 650 million masks when the pandemic was starting and officially banning TikTok.
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Trump Officially Bans TikTok | The Tonight Show

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Americans Teens are now officially jobless.

by Tamal Mallick 3 weeks ago

Tiktok users: mess with one of Trump's rallies in Tulsa
Trump: bans entire Tiktok app

by Karen D 3 weeks ago

He is still pissed that kids used TikTok to flummox his rally.
He can't handle that KIDS were smarter than his campaign manager.

by mind ya 3 weeks ago

Tik Tok: * gets banned *
Me: [insert Leonardo DiCaprio laughing meme]

by Imperial Guardsman 3 weeks ago

15 year old girls: Welp, time to work at McDonalds

by Milk 3 weeks ago

Tiktok: BANNED
VPN: Our time has arrived boys

by Yuji 3 weeks ago


by Ant_wone :p 3 weeks ago

Now I bet someone is going to try to sell a phone installed with TikTok on eBay for over $1,000 after Sunday and some dumb ass is going to buy it like people did with Fortnite

by GreyQuaker 3 weeks ago

But still, a lot of people vote for him, dont really understand why

by John Henry 3 weeks ago

"The statue's been having dinner w Trump for the last six months." Lol. Nice

by Kit O'Connor 3 weeks ago

Ok let’s be honest tik tok is a horrible addiction to teens we all average like 3+ hours a day on that stupid app it’s probably for the better🤷‍♂️

by James Garrett 3 weeks ago

“I don’t think science knows”- person who claimed there were airports in 1776

by SUPERAFRASIABI89 3 weeks ago

There should be other priorities than tiktok!

by cmpl24 3 weeks ago

Putting everything away, his Trump act is pretty good

by Yumeng Liu 2 weeks ago

i don't even have Tiktok,not even interested in making one but dang that's what keeps a lot of people happy in Quarantine!
Plus no more WAP Dances.

by AniAniToon 3 weeks ago

World dealing with covid; American government dealing with TikTok.

by DOH! 3 weeks ago

Ross needs to retire. It's painful listening to him. He looks and sounds like he is always having a stroke.

by Arkeeny 3 weeks ago

I’m just happy that all those “iF diDNt c0mE FromE TiKt0k lIKe tHis CoMmEnt” are gonna stop

by IDK 23 3 weeks ago

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