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73 Questions with Harry Styles | Vogue Parody

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Harry Styles (Jimmy Fallon) answers some poignant questions in the style of Vogue’s 73 Questions.
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73 Questions with Harry Styles | Vogue Parody

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 1 73 Questions with Harry Styles... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 2 73 Questions with Harry Styles... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 3 73 Questions with Harry Styles... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 4 73 Questions with Harry Styles...

Plot twist: Harry gave jimmy the script to let him do this for him

by Elmy Chua 1 month ago


by Clari Garcia 1 month ago

Me: “Mom can i go see Harry styles?”
Her: “we have Harry styles at home.”
Harry styles at home:

by müberra baltacı 1 month ago

OK lets be honest if this was really Harry the whole thing would just be "emmmm I don't know really emm yeah I don't know"

by didjfbf eieir 1 month ago

James corden : Harry Styles's Golden Parody
Jimmy Fallon : Harry Styles's 73 Questions Parody
Harry Styles : 👁👄👁

by Priyanka Rana 2 months ago

Harry is probably scared to do the 73 Questions now because he just KNOWS he’ll answer them like this lmaooo

by Maeve 1 month ago

After having seen jimmy as a host for so long now, I sometimes forget that he has an established career as a comedian. Like, this was REALLY good

by minjoon biased 1 month ago

“Straight from the bee colony I’m friends with” THATS SO LIKE HARRY TO BE FRIENDS WITH A BEE COLONY

by Riya Mehta 1 month ago

"whats your guilty pleasure?"
"oh nice simple"
"...from the set of original willy wonka film"

by vishnugg 1 week ago

This is probably the closest thing we'll get to 73 questions with Harry Styles

by fried mushroom 2 months ago


by Talia Chatterjee 1 month ago

Harry if he actually does a 73 questions:
"Whats your favourite colour?"
Harry: umm...uh....yeah...so...you know...colour is an interesting concept, and i dont wanna hurt any colour..all colours are amazing
"What are you scared of?"
Harry: i try...like..umm...I try to not be scared of anything...um..yeah...ummm...soo yeah
"What's the best gift you've ever gotten?"
Harry: umm..i think..every- every gift is is nice..you know...I like.... when someone smiles..at me..
"What's your guilty pleasure?"
Harry: oh...thats a great question...great question...what an amazing question...hm I've never thought about it...its a great question.

by Twisha Prasad 3 weeks ago

'What is the best gift you ever recieved?'
'A smile'

That is exactly something that Harry would say 😂

by Menuvolu Tetseo 1 month ago

i just can’t get over how accurate this is. like harry would literally answer all of these almost the same way omg

by Hannah Zink 2 months ago

The transition between John Lennon and Harry Styles was seamless, embodying both at the same time.

by M B 1 month ago

"No its tea."
Harry in a nutshell.

Thanks for 348 likes! Tpwk :D

by Lily Eyre 1 month ago

He got everything write but just missed the "um" and the "uh" and the 20 minutes Harry takes to form an answer in his mind

by Priya Likhi 1 month ago

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