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6ix9ine Tell All Part 1 - No Holds Barred

#Tekashi #Nipsey Hustle #Nipsey #Nicky Minaj #Entertainment
#PRESSPLAY: #TSR Founder Angelica Nwandu sits down with Tekashi #6ix9ine. In this no holds barred interview with Daniel Hernandez we address ALL of his controversies: his reputation as a snitch, his security detail, his $13 million record deal, his Fashion Nova lawsuit, his relationship with God, his relationships with women, his experience in jail and more. So did 6ix9ine troll The Shade Room? Watch the interview to find out.

#6ix9ine #Angelica Nwandu #The Shade Room #Tekashi 6ix9ine

THE SHADE ROOM photo 1 6ix9ine Tell All Part 1... THE SHADE ROOM photo 2 6ix9ine Tell All Part 1... THE SHADE ROOM photo 3 6ix9ine Tell All Part 1... THE SHADE ROOM photo 4 6ix9ine Tell All Part 1...

He touched her knee 6 hundred and 69 times for anyone watching

by Key Epic Pranks 2 weeks ago

I agree they don’t be fair with the kid!! And she’s a terrible interviewer 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️there’s famous people out there doing worse smh

by Carmarie Aguayo 1 day ago

he spittin facts and she just avoiding and playin dumb

by lokesh 1 week ago

This interviewer asking the wrong questions, Nip wasn’t the face of the Black culture until he died & it’s facts

by Oso 2900 1 week ago

Lmao she really trying to speak for the black community. Stop it !

by Nydric Harris 6 days ago

Popular opinion: We all agree she's a terrible interviewer.

by bAd vibez 2 weeks ago

He could of interviewed himself in front of a camera lol 😂

by Martha Leonzo 1 week ago

The Shade room haven’t hit a million YouTube views in over 3 years. This guy come give them 2.5 million in two weeks 🤦🏽‍♂️

by 15shorty 21215 2 days ago

He brought the facts and the sources to verify yo.

by Rael Griffin 1 week ago

I don’t like how she throwing “Black this Black that” she just tryna see if he gone say something wild and he’s been saying facts the whole time.

by CardiUno 2 weeks ago

I love the Integrity part she tried to play him like he didn’t know what the word mean even did a condescending chuckle he shut her up

by Devinetae Midgett 3 days ago

She already had her mind made up about him before the interview, before she could hear him out. The shade room is the exact same way. All their followers are ignorant af. They don’t listen and their mind is always made up.

by Marizela Velasquez 1 week ago

She made her self look bad having him look up the word integrity lol 69 won this interview

by Lil Shawn 1 week ago

She said “black community” 99 times within the 1st minute.

by Ryan Marable 2 days ago

I dont like this woman. She wont accept the fact that 69 is making valid facts🙄🙄

by Stephanie Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

This man could dam near talk and explain his way outta getting shot or jumped ! 😭😭🤣

by Eric White 1 week ago

She freestyled this interview.. this was the biggest opportunity of her career and she blew it.

by Franklin Sanchez 1 week ago

She act like she hesitated to do this interview hahaha she couldn’t wait this the most views she ever gonna get and she know it

by chris contreras 1 week ago

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