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Sheffield Utd v Liverpool | Starting XI Prediction LIVE

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Sheffield Utd v Liverpool | Starting XI Prediction LIVE
Chris brings you his prediction for the team that Jurgen Klopp will pick to face Sheffield United in the Premier League this Sunday!
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If Ali wants to play, let him play but if he doesn’t, don’t force him. More than just a game 🔴🙏 YNWA

by LiamAD01 2 weeks ago

I’m cool if alisson misses this one

by RED Hulk 2 weeks ago

I’d like to see Fabinho, Thiago and Keita as our 3 in midfield.

by LiamAD01 2 weeks ago

Completely agree play any of our actual CBs at cb and let fabinho protect them

by PrincePrasad 2 weeks ago

I think Klopp needs to stop playing Fabinho or Henderson at the back . If you are a wee bit weaker at the back you might leak a goal or two but it has impacted the overall team form in a disastrous way. It shows both us and the opposition we are weakened and he needs to start trusting the CBs he’s got.

by niall sheehan 2 weeks ago

Becker will decide and has to be respected.

by Diego Diaz 2 weeks ago

that was so smooth from Chris to stop the cars falling 😂

by James Costi-Mouyia 2 weeks ago

I think klopp knows something has to change so he will move fabhino into his normal position and start Davies and kabak

by Jason Bate 2 weeks ago

Great players do it when it matters most, i love my club but come on guys, lets do this, YNWA

by Declan Crawford 2 weeks ago

Phillips and Davies may be a very good partnership. One aerial and combative with the other quick and composed.

by Ibrahim Badat 2 weeks ago

I would probably give Alisson a break as sign of respect for the death of his father.

by Alfred Kay 2 weeks ago

defend 10 to 15 yards deeper, stop playing out of the back, this will resolve one of the two issues. the other, the top 3 need to stop all the fancy touches and take a shot when they get to the 18 yard area.

by Craig Errington 1 week ago

Big hope spirit & fit start all player ♥️ ynwa

by Harry Dwinduono 1 week ago

4-1-2-3 Would be nice with the following:

Trent Kabak Davies Robbo
Wijnaldum Thiago
Salah Keita Jota

by Kobir 2 weeks ago

Why why more of the same , its not working!!! play the bloody CD and Fab in midfield! @#$#$%

by Diego Pulido 2 weeks ago

Can you please, please, please change the color of the screen behind you? Thanks

by Mari Rodriguez 1 week ago

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