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Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8

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Who else has been so committed to the series? 🧡🧡🧡

by Hey Donae 2 weeks ago

I loved when he asked how she was doing during the ultrasound .. so in touch with his wife’s feelings.. so aware that the vibe was off

by Mia Alphonso 2 weeks ago

"but how are we gonna find the baby it's camouflage" Steven already hitting those dad jokes 😂 love you guys

by kat petroia 2 weeks ago

“The baby will hear and listen to what you say”...... Desi: “No get outta here you stink” 😂😂 love it!

by Bryanna Graziano 2 weeks ago

When Steven asked how you were doing I knew exactly why he was asking lol

by Karlussshh 2 weeks ago

Steven holding up the zucchini as a phone was an ultimate dad move. He’s already ready!

by Ciera Harris 2 weeks ago

If only there were more “Stevens” out in the world 😭😭

by CristhyAvi 2 weeks ago

She tech was bothering me too talking about his lip lmao I was like can she let that go? 😂

by Courtney B 2 weeks ago

Even the ultrasound tech swearing and saying “because of these masks I can’t see shit” was so unprofessional. Desi you handled it so well! Your baby is so beautiful ❤️❤️

by Lea Gevaert 2 weeks ago

The upper lip fiasco was weird. That woman was saying a little too much.

by Deja Washington 2 weeks ago

Lmao her wearing the Katy shirt saying “I’m only building your child” 😂

by Nanea Lilliana 2 weeks ago

That pressing on your belly was rough. Even I was offended.

by Jennifer Gomez 2 weeks ago

Noticed Steve got frustrated with the tech when he lowered his mask...

by Joanna Castro 2 weeks ago

Dude when she went all pregnancy hormones on steven 😂😂😂 “lazyyyy???”
Love it!

by Mayra Aguilar 2 weeks ago

I don’t think she meant it in a mean spirited way! When we’re doing ultrasounds it’s so in the moment because it’s a wild card EVERYTIME, so we’re trying to communicate with you every second because if we’re quiet then you freak out and if we talk too much sometimes we say things without thinking about how it would be perceived 😂 I remember telling a mom “he’s a little chunker what a cutie!” And she started crying and asking if he was fat?! I was like wowaaaaaa relax lol I just meant he was cute little chunck nothing wrong with that 🤷🏻‍♀️ now I just tell them the measurements and call it a day , damned if you do damned if you don’t 😩😂 he is photogenic though!!

by aimelatinabeauty_ 2 weeks ago

The techs Comments realllly not needed... 🤦🏽‍♀️

by Alexisjayda 2 weeks ago

“I used to say this looks like so-and-So now with these masks I can’t see shit” wow forget that not being professional that is just not nice ma’am

by paoluvable 2 weeks ago

I love how they show that they aren't perfect. famous couples tend to forget to show that to the world so thank you. I appreciate your genuine honesty. thanks u for also sharing ur journey. love y'all ❤️🤍

by Natalie Padilla 2 weeks ago

I'm going to school to be an ultrasound tech and I can't wait to nurture my patients.

by Silvia Rico 2 weeks ago

He felt her energy so he didn’t want to show himself to her.

by Just watching vids 2 weeks ago

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