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Drake Finally Speaks about Beef With Pusha T

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In a Interview with Rap Radar "Drake" Finally Talks about the Beef with Rapper Pusha T, His Son and Meek Mill.
Watch full interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmsasEoupO4&t=2405s&pbjreload=10
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The Next Level Magazine photo 1 Drake Finally Speaks about Beef... The Next Level Magazine photo 2 Drake Finally Speaks about Beef... The Next Level Magazine photo 3 Drake Finally Speaks about Beef... The Next Level Magazine photo 4 Drake Finally Speaks about Beef...

When you tell your parents how u lost the fight at school

by BLACK CEO 1 year ago

Pusha T living rent free in Drake's head TO THIS DAY 😂😂😂😂

by Cosmo Antonio 1 year ago

Drake was the the type of kid that would punch you and run behind an adult for protection.

by M U 1 year ago

"No one cares about this guy"

Proceeds to talk almost 10 minutes about this guy

by Lucas Nishimura 3 months ago

In conclusion, Drake couldn't handle the beef, so he became vegetarian.

by JCG DL 1 year ago

PUSH bullied Drake into being a father to a kid he was gonna deny😂

by French Jae Music 1 year ago

Drake: in other words I got bodied and didn’t know how to respond 😎

by khmer5591 1 year ago

Pusha T. He has a name drake. Pusha T. It’s okay you can say it, he won’t hurt you...anymore

by A H 1 year ago

Drake keep looking up like God finna strike him down for bullshitting

by roknkawk 1 year ago

The longest explanation of an L ever 😂

by Maulley G 1 year ago

“Pusha’s not gonna have any morals or respect” Bro, you brought up Pusha’s wife in a track, paraded around in Blackface, and made fun of Kid Cudi and mental health. And he wants to talk about morals and respect.

by Dr.Alexander 1 year ago

drake held L’s more times than he held his son

by John Maroney 1 year ago

Drake referring to push like he’s Voldemort 😭

by RizzyWow 4 months ago

He paid Worldstar to remove The Story of Addidon....

by TTB 10 months ago

He hurt his feelings so bad Drake said
“I didn’t even want to rap anymore” 😂

by Riah Bby 1 year ago

Why is this uk drill rapper talking in a american accent?

by mad lad 1 year ago

Did he just admit to taking more than one dna test? Drake's son is going to thank Pusha one day

by Jorge Meza 1 year ago

Drake really said there were rules to this. Thats the rap equivalent of gettin cornered in tag and saying time out. Man got absolutely defeated into being a dad and he hates it.

by Spaghetti overlord 9 months ago

I feel like he's looking up trying not to cry

by THEVOICE28 1 year ago

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