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Who is Carrie Lam, the Leader of Hong Kong? | NYT News

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Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, has earned a reputation as a tenacious politician in her nearly 40 years in government. But her close ties with China’s central leadership have made her a divisive figure at home.
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by The New York Times 1 year ago

A traitor to her people for her personal career, this is how history will remember her.

by Chemist2013 2 months ago

actually the bill isn't dead yet, more like suspended. During the press conference, she said暫緩in Cantonese, yet when recapping in English, she said 'the bill is dead' instead. 暫緩means suspended. In fact,he has been using different wordings to HK citizens and the foreign countries in the recent press conferences too. If you can, NYT, can you invite some Cantonese-speaking reporters, it would be easier to understand what she really means.

by Icysastay 1 year ago

No. The bill isn’t dead yet. It’s only suspended.

by Lennon Zheng 1 year ago

Carrie Lam is as her name suggests - To CARRY out China’s will and to act as a LAMe puppet.

by ideaquest 1 year ago

Carrie Lam and Hong Kong are like oil and water.

by tyler b 1 year ago

this video inspired me to open an umbrella store in hong kong

by emperor 1 year ago

One thing to clarify, Carrie Lam never "WITHDRAW" the bill, saying "the bill is dead" mean nothing in legislative context.
Carrie Lam is still to this day lying to Hong Kong citizen.

by Wilson Fu 1 year ago

She does not look like a person who sleeps 3 hours a night. Appears to be a technocrat - not like a woman of the people.

by silys 1 year ago

She refuses to WITHDRAW the bill formally!

by Latz Hose 1 year ago

Events prove that she is a failed leader. Once in power, she ignored the true feelings of the masses.She must exit to bring back some peace to Hong Kong.

by Teck Hoh Ng 1 year ago

I am shocked that she devoured Catholic, she ought to be excommunicated.

by Market Garden 1 year ago

“A leader who sleeps 3-5 hours a night”
Like the people of Hong Kong some don’t even sleep!

by RedaSkateboard 1 year ago

Yet to support me

by Ray Mak 1 year ago

Voted by Beijing, not by the people. Not suprised why she had to protect Beijing first.

by Giang Gerry 1 year ago

Carrie Lam is working for Beijing to overthrow Hong Kong’s government. She is a corrupt politician.

by Alan 1 year ago

She is run by main land China. Do you really think China is going to let Hong Kong leave

by Richard Tompkins 1 year ago

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