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How Kim Jong-un Gets His $500,000 Mercedes | Visual Investigations

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Kim Jong-un frequently shows off the Mercedes he has obtained in open defiance of U.N. sanctions intended to ban luxury goods from North Korea. Using shipping data, corporate records, satellite imagery and interviews, our investigation tracks the circuitous routes used to import illicit goods.
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The New York Times photo 1 How Kim Jong-un Gets His... The New York Times photo 2 How Kim Jong-un Gets His... The New York Times photo 3 How Kim Jong-un Gets His... The New York Times photo 4 How Kim Jong-un Gets His...

What is the problem for you if i own a Mercedes

by Kim Jong Un 1 year ago

Sanctions are not effective tools. They’re just a smokescreen for politicians to say they’re doing “something”

by p4olom 2 days ago

Why is Kim using cars made from "evil western nations"

by Michael Tsang 6 months ago

Well i guess no more Mercedes now 😂

by Beast Trap 5 months ago

Reporter lady: “the ship had a Korean name, but was owned by Russia, but it had an African flag, with a safety manager in Hong Kong, a sailing crew from Jamaica, but the cooks were Canadian and the entertainment on the ship from Wales. They also noticed Portuguese on the anchor, but the chain that held in place said ‘made in Italy,’ while the janitorial staff all shared Peruvian heritage.”

by W B 5 months ago

Whoever was involved in tracking the car for this video...deserves multiple pay raises.

by WRO 1 year ago

You have to watch the documentary "The mole". Its a documentary that sheds light on North Korea's efforts to evade international sanctions, by tricking members of Kim Jong-un's secretive regime into signing fake arms deals.

by Xxx ooo 2 days ago

this video is a lot like the pre mission briefing in call of duty to locate and secure that russian nationals ship

by Andres Daniel 6 months ago

Can you find my dad...the only hint I can give you is that he said he was gonna go get that milk

by Ilia Morshed 9 months ago

imagine if they spent all this money on feeding their country

by Artifact 2 months ago

Can y'all track my FedEx shipment they didn't give me a tracking number?

by Kyle ShoeBoi 1 year ago

This just in: NK obesity rates have dropped down to 0%

by Derp. 6 months ago

I think we can all agree that no one searched for this

by Naor Cohen 9 months ago

You know this world is screwed when someone with this much power can’t even keep his secrets secret

by One Way 1 month ago

The answer is: he doesn’t have to listen to his own rules.

by DrVissie GD 1 month ago

Investigative journalism. You bloody legends!

by BayLeaf 9 months ago

It's my Mercedes not yours. Stop investigating

by C Katiry 6 months ago

Who’s here after he could be dead?

by ethan ! 6 months ago

This would be 100x better with Dianna's voice from the hitman series

by Error 1105 9 months ago

I read the title as How Kim Jong-un Gets Into His $500,000 Mercedes and clicked because I really wanted to know

by Crewmate CantSleep 6 months ago

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