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Jon Stewart Returns With Advice From 1918 And Thoughts On Trump's Handling Of The Coronavirus

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The writer and director of the new film "Irresistible," who has been safely quarantined inside Stephen's desk since March, shares how he feels about the government's response to the pandemic. #StephenAtHome #Irresistible #JonStewart
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 1 Jon Stewart Returns With Advice... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 2 Jon Stewart Returns With Advice... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 3 Jon Stewart Returns With Advice... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 4 Jon Stewart Returns With Advice...

Stephen: "John, we've talked about your K-hole..."

by livelife365 8 months ago

I love the nurse that said “if you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re going to hate being on a ventilator”!!!!

by Lillie Hernandez 8 months ago

I still am confused as to how wearing a mask has become such a huge political issue. Trump could turn eating apple pie into a "libtard commie conspiracy" I think

by LifeSavor ASMR 8 months ago

Can every 'The Late Show' please just be Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart talking for an hour?

by Larry Little 8 months ago

This mad lad found a way to keep the "Jon Stewart is under my desk!" bit in quarantine. Well done.

by Seymour Demonica 8 months ago

I miss John Stewart's comedy, intelligence, insight, and wisdom.

by Mako 8 months ago

I love the idea of "I'm an American. Don't wear that liberal mask when you operate on me." Excellent.

by melanie sherman 8 months ago

"Put your dirty hands into my open wound because I'm an American." Best laugh of my day, thank you Jon Stewart.

by Anitra Hall 8 months ago

I wouldn't mind seeing John Stewart on a more regular basis. It may help me get through this mess, we're in, a little bit smoother.

by Chelya Lynniyah 8 months ago

It cannot be overstated how much I miss Jon Stewart
That man is a national treasure

by TheFloppyPineapple 8 months ago

Actually , Stephen is looking "really fine" with his longer hair. Especially the curls along the back. South Carolina is proud of you, Colbert!

by Patricia Loftin 8 months ago

Trump is so dense, light bends right over him.

by Frank Zavala 8 months ago

1918: Stay inside, wear a mask, keep some distance between yourself and others.

2020: Stay inside, wear a mask, keep some distance between yourself and others, don't take medical advice from the president, please stop telling people that vaccinations are witchcraft... =|

by Midwoka Milling 8 months ago

The friendship between these two is heartwarming.

by Rah Collier 8 months ago

"Drink apple cider and mercury. It's the elixir to cure!" most likely said and sold by a Trump family member in 1918

by Rolyat Neek 8 months ago

love the surgeon metaphor, take that mask and gloves off doctor, "i'm an american!"

by tomitstube 8 months ago

Masks. "They wear those in operating rooms, right?" Average Trump voter: "what's this 'operatin' room' you speak of?"

by revengefrommars 8 months ago

Stephen should show off those luscious locks more. I will be sad when men go out and get their hair cut.

by Maggie Gibbons 8 months ago

As a waiter and when people give push back about masks. I tell them “Ok, I’ll put you in the guys section that rarely washes his hands🤷‍♂️”

by fatherofchickens 8 months ago

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