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"Hamilton" Star Daveed Diggs Explains How Thomas Jefferson Planted All Those Crops

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Diggs, who plays Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette in the Broadway smash, helps Stephen understand why the musical makes him cry.
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Daveed needs more credit for his role as Lafayette! I mean, that rap! That accent!

by Mia D 3 years ago

Daveed diggs plays a frenchman who comes to the America, and an American who goes to France 😃

by Anushil Balaji 2 years ago

Why am I crying over Alexander Hamilton

Cause I know I'll never get the privilege of seeing the original cast perform, or let alone get tickets to see it in the first place

by Ike Rants 3 years ago

''How did you become a part of the project?''

Miranda was on Diggs' doorstep one day
In distress and disarray
Miranda said: ''I've nowhere else to turn''
And basically begged him to join the play

by Fatma Işık Tekbaş 2 years ago

“Why am I crying over Alexander Hamilton, Daveed Diggs?”

“Maybe because you haven’t done it 500 times.”

Touché, Diggs... Touché

by Dante Matteo 7 months ago

"When you cast Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson he's not the villain he's just a guy that we like that we're not supposed to."

by Actual Trash 3 years ago

So where can we start a petition to have him as a Disney Prince?

by Steph Willer 2 weeks ago

"This is a terrible idea."
- Lafayette

"My friend's writing a play and they wanna pay me? Yeah!"
- Jefferson

Seems like something they would say tbh.

by Daria Roman 1 year ago

Title says Thomas Jefferson planted crops

Hamilton: "Yeah keep ranting we know whos really doing the planting"

by Chickenman 1 year ago

David who we plays

Lafayette: a French man that loves America

Thomas Jefferson: an American that loves France

by tuxedtig hamiltrash 3 years ago

Everyone give it up for America's favorite fighting Frenchman!!!!!!!!

by Catelin Blaze 3 years ago

I'm so angry he said, " Please welcome Daveed Diggs." Instead of, " EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA'S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN!!"

by Heidie Aguilar 1 year ago

me before Hamilton came out on Disney+: What is all the rage about Hamilton??
me after Hamilton came out on Disney+: will not stop singing the songs and talking about Daveed
me now: at least i can watch it 32,000 times on my computer, because im broke and live far from where the show will ever be. but for real i really wanna see it in real life instead of just on disney+. after the first time i watched it i fell in love. and when Daveed first walked on stage my heart went boom!

by molly marie 3 weeks ago

Seriously though, Diggs has the best hair. Out of anyone in Hamilton.

by CallMeCatty 5 months ago

Hamiltrash overseas be like: Why am I crying over Alexander Hamilton? I'M NOT EVEN AMERICAN

by Sofia Cannon 4 years ago

"The pitch is not great" voice cracks, nervous sweating

by A. A. 2 years ago

"I don't know how he planted all those crops by himself"
wild sobbing from the ghosts of Sally Hemings and hundreds of other slaves

by mik! 3 years ago

"why am i crying over alexander hamilton, daveed diggs?"
"well i- i dont know- maybe because you haven't done it 500 times"


by MysticBlueGem 1 week ago

“What I miss?”


by Na Omi 1 year ago

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