Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities To Engage With George Floyd's Family And Black Leaders

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The "Fox News Sunday" anchor talks to Stephen Colbert about President Trump's inherently divisive nature and why he's ill equipped to bring the country together. Chris Wallace is the author of a new book titled, "Countdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the 116 Days that Changed the World." #StephenAtHome #ChrisWallace #FoxNews
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 1 Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 2 Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 3 Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert photo 4 Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities...

Is it me, or Wallace looks like an older version of Colbert

by Mike V 3 months ago

Chris Wallace has now decided which side of history he wants to be on

by Tatianna Townsend 3 months ago

I think Wallace is an old-fashioned GOOD reporter. He feels he has done his job if he "makes BOTH sides mad". This is the test of a reporter concerned with getting at the truth.

by Just Playing 3 months ago

Chris Wallace: donโ€™t make me defend him.

by Kamar 3 months ago

You know you're having a crappy year when a pandemic and economic collapse are an "added feature"...

by Opus 313 5 months ago

Politicians should not be "buddies" with reporters. Think about it

by Marnie Yates 3 months ago

Holy shit, how did I miss that Stephen interviewed Chris a month before Trump's disastrous interview?

by PUtbone 3 months ago

Chris Wallace is really gonna sell his book now after grilling Trump in the interview. Poor trump never saw it coming.

by Arqam Zubair 3 months ago

Chris Wallace is by far the most credible journalist working at Fox News.

by John Thangam 3 months ago

The rarest species: an actual journalist at Foxnews. No wonder the dotard-in-chief keeps attacking him. Like Romney, the last few people in the GOP camp with some integrity left really stand out.

by eisbaerenhasenzahn 5 months ago

Chris Wallace trying to straddle the fence. Sometimes you just can't, and I agree with Stephen on this one. You can't say you're for peaceful protests when you unleash armed police on said peaceful protestors.

by Michele Z 3 months ago

I like Wallace, I haven't had much exposure to him, but he definitely seems somewhat reasonable. Most Republicans have gotten Trumpian bloodlust, he's at least coherent.

by Sam Melland 4 months ago

Who's here after Wallace's Trump interview?

He seems to have listened to Stephen...

by King Jive 3 months ago

Fox doesn't deserve Chris Wallace.

by Ayush Raj 3 months ago

He has a strange way to show he supports peaceful protesters by sending military to disperse them

by James Hutchins 5 months ago

When a marine general nicknamed mad dog calls you devisive maybe you should have a long hard look at what you're doing.

by SkillsDND 5 months ago

Trump Friend of peaceful protesters? I think Colin Kaepernick May disagree with that.

by zeitgeist1958 3 months ago

Trump is for law and order unless itโ€™s used to hold him, his family, or his friends accountable.

by Brett Jackson 4 months ago

Theres someone with a brain over at Fox? huh, who knew.

by MrAdmiralKush 3 months ago

Trump never missed any opportunities, he had no interest. Trump's one and only tactic, and he has bragged about it many times, is to hurt people until they give him what he wants.

by Alan Macphail 5 months ago

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