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Wisconsin shooting: Multiple injured after gunman targets shopping mall

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Multiple people were injured in a shooting at the Mayfair Mall shopping mall in Wisconsin.
None of the eight victims suffered life-threatening injuries but the gunman was still โ€œat largeโ€ according to the mayor of Wauwatosa.
Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/wisconsin-shooting-today-active-shooter-mall-wauwatosa-b1759467.html
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#shooting #Mayfair Mall #mass shooting #active shooter #injured #independent #shopping mall #Wisconsin

The Independent photo 1 Wisconsin shooting: Multiple injured after... The Independent photo 2 Wisconsin shooting: Multiple injured after... The Independent photo 3 Wisconsin shooting: Multiple injured after... The Independent photo 4 Wisconsin shooting: Multiple injured after...

America is back to business as usual.

by Zib Ndix 1 month ago

Gun bless America just a normal day living the American dream

by Tristan Mckenzie 1 month ago

maybe the wall should just be around america

by Michae V 1 month ago

This isn't news, I think at this point it is just classed as 'Weather'

by illiterate thug 1 month ago

Mass shootings in the USA, nature is healing

by ryan 3030 1 month ago

Thank god everybody is allowed guns or this wouldn't have happened

by Green Blossom 1 month ago

Why do I think this has something to do with the election

by Melvyn Cross 1 month ago

They sure do love their guns over there...

by Terrack 300 1 month ago

Well time for a week of everyone saying how bad this is but no change.

by charles townsend 2 months ago

america oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

by Anton Talbot 1 month ago

Ahh good old America Canadaโ€™s edgy older brother that ran away from home

by Gfvgdghhvgbvfvfg Stah 1 month ago

I like living in a country where you can go to the shops and not get shot ๐Ÿ™‚

by edmurth 1 month ago

false flag, they need rid of guns

by DEWALT XRP 1 month ago

The American dream Nightmare

by sutats 1 month ago

By and by America is becoming a no go country for all.

by Austa Albright 1 month ago

America where intelligence died. Glad I don't live there

by Mao Zedong 1 month ago

I cant stand all of the shootings that take place in my city, so full of violence, thefts and murder.
We even banned guns here in England, whod ov thunk criminals dont follow the law

by Quillo 1 month ago

So he is a Gunman NOT a Terrorist?

by Bree Evian 2 months ago

America after this vid: lets put a sale on all guns

by Shahed Ahmed 1 month ago

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