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Charles Booker Trails Amy McGrath in Kentucky—But He May Still Close the Gap

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The Humanist Report photo 1 Charles Booker Trails Amy McGrath... The Humanist Report photo 2 Charles Booker Trails Amy McGrath... The Humanist Report photo 3 Charles Booker Trails Amy McGrath... The Humanist Report photo 4 Charles Booker Trails Amy McGrath...

Closing 95% of voting locations should be criminal. We need to bring in an international moderating body to ensure our elections are legitimate.

The Republicans treat voting the same way they treat everything.

Aggressively project your own guilty actions and future plans of cheating the American people out of their vote by implying the other side is the ones who we should be concerned with rampant voter fraud. It’s a joke that we let these horrible people dictate an absurd narrative with little to no push back.

by Fart Huffin 2 weeks ago

Why would people want to support a "pro-Trump" Democrat when the whole point is to get rid of Trump?

by absolutfreak 2 weeks ago

We don’t need anymore Blue Republicans. Booker must win.

by Patrick Kenneally 2 weeks ago

I really hope he does win! We need as many progressive victories/progressive lawmakers as possible! Also McGrath is basically a Republican.

by Tyler Hackner 2 weeks ago

Cutting 95% of voting spots isn't shenanigans it's neo-fascistic dictatorial glad handing. We don't live in a democracy stop saying we do.

by Alias S/R 2 weeks ago

HOW IS THIS LEGAL?! They are literally preventing people from voting.

by chris b 2 weeks ago

we g/d WANT to vote!

by Laura Lafauve 2 weeks ago

Mitch McConnell is the most destructive Republican in world history, not just American. To take a semi-democracy and turn it into dictatorship is quite a feat.

by Parslow Pongbert 2 weeks ago

Even in Charles Booker loses, we know he actually won. This level of suppression and corruption here is downright comical.

by Novem's Natural Roll 2 weeks ago

I don't think this is a democracy anymore... Not when corporations have such a big sway on politics. Shutting down polling places should be treasonous as people's rights are being infringed upon.

by VorboteDesKrieg 2 weeks ago

Can confirm. Barely any votes have been tallied in Lexington and none have been counted in Louisville. Also no mail in ballots have been tallied yet.

by JoeLovesHistory 2 weeks ago

Why do they force everyone to vote in 1 day? Give people a week. Like, why rush it?

by jscheetz03 2 weeks ago

I voted for Charles Booker via absentee mail in ballot.

I've also had words directly with McGrath and her lot. She's not skilled at listening in the slightest.

by Hannsfeld 2 weeks ago

"Conveniently," the results from Lexington and Louisville (areas that have been predicted to go to Booker in huge numbers) haven't been counted yet, nor have the mail-in ballots. It's gonna be so stressful to wait until June 30th. 😩😩

by Christian Vennemann 2 weeks ago

You know you are in a failed state when you are closing more than 90% of voting booths before election day.

by A Law Trader 2 weeks ago

I wonder how the primary race would have turned out without the rampant voter suppression

by sabresman31 2 weeks ago

Mitch McConnell is an enemy of the United States. This is the race to watch. And Dems only need four seats to flip the Senate.

by HPMcQueen 2 weeks ago

Jim Crow is a tough old bird.

by Sean Smith 2 weeks ago

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