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We're on the road to 50k!!!! Share this channel with everyone you know! In this video we reacted to NBA YONGBOY TOP ALBUM as you guys requested. What are y'all thoughts on his album? If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and share it. See y'all on the next video!! Byeeee✌🏾
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The Hoodbabies photo 1 NBA YOUNGBOY TOP ALBUM |... The Hoodbabies photo 2 NBA YOUNGBOY TOP ALBUM |... The Hoodbabies photo 3 NBA YOUNGBOY TOP ALBUM |... The Hoodbabies photo 4 NBA YOUNGBOY TOP ALBUM |...

1.) I-9ine5ive
2.) Hoodbabies
3.) HotboyMalic

by Jay Leno 5 months ago

Drug Addiction
Cross Roads
The Last Backyardigan
Right Foot Creep
Dirty Stick
Kacey Talk(already reacted)
My Window(FT. Lil Wayne)
I’m Up
Off Season
All In(already reacted)
Dead Trollz( already reacted)
Fuck Ya!
Big Bankroll
Reaper’s Child
Murder Business(already reacted)
Sticks With Me(already reacted)
House Arrest Tingz(already listened)
To My Lowest
Peace Hardly
Callin FT. Snoop Dog(already reacted)

by rick waynes 4 months ago

Y’all did The Whole album let’s gooooo

by Demond Holmes 5 months ago

Yeah y’all showed out for this🔥

by Aj Mason 5 months ago

Props to whoever did the editing cuz this a long ass video 😂

by 313._ Char 5 months ago

1.cross roads
my lowest
3.reapers child

by Bry2fyee 5 months ago

To my lowest is about jania 😭😂

by Sheluvs Ayo 5 months ago

I like the beginning when all 3 of y’all started shaking y’all head at da same time 🤣🤣 .. but dead Trollz & child’s reaper da best song on there 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️‼️‼️💚

by Bigjae official ENT 5 months ago

Rod the whole time this go sturpid😂😂

by Slimeboii RJ 5 months ago

THAT INTRO SONGGGG🔥🔥🔥 I love the dancing.

by TG Synful 4 months ago

Top 5:

My Window
To My Lowest
Reaper's Child
Off Season
Peace Hardly

by Kasei 5 months ago

I'm subbing yall have a good channel and listen to the whole album

by Javien Booker 5 months ago

Y’all keep coming thru love y’all reaction Shiddd be havin me died dat nigga rod funny asf when he be like dat fyeeee🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🔥

by QueDoe 5 months ago

Ofn i fw drug addiction the most 😭

by XcoldXfireX 5 months ago

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