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Michael Moore Responds: New Report REVEALS Green Billionaire Attacks On Movie ‘Planet Of The Humans’

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Academy Award winner, Michael Moore, discusses the controversy surrounding his latest documentary 'The Planet of the Humans.'
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The Hill photo 1 Michael Moore Responds: New Report... The Hill photo 2 Michael Moore Responds: New Report... The Hill photo 3 Michael Moore Responds: New Report... The Hill photo 4 Michael Moore Responds: New Report...

There are many, many more psychopaths in society than i ever thought possible.

by Jupiter Cyclops 1 month ago

When you upset both sides, you are probably close to the mark.

by Carol Bevis 1 month ago

Renewables are the biggest scam ever. My head explodes when they call burning trees as biomass.

by bigike1313 1 month ago

"Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket." -Eric Hoffer

by nathan carney 1 month ago

Maybe if we had focused on nuclear the past 50 years this technology would be much safer.

by bigike1313 1 month ago

Too many times we hear people sugarcoat Environmental technology and our future so why not tell it like it is, thanks Michael for being real

by Neto Rios 1 month ago

Funny, a more fitting name for this doc would have been, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

by Cara Garnier 1 month ago

One of the few shows that actually lets their guests talk...

by Davíd Melkonian 1 month ago

It's difficult to get a person to understand something when their paycheck requires them to not!

by LibertyMatrix 1 month ago

My takeaway? Hell, I didn't know there were still "Investigative Journalists" anymore. Encouraging.

by Levy Gant 1 month ago

Michael Moore now knows what it's like to be an Assange Activist.

by Alex Hills 1 month ago

America,The Farewell Tour by Christopher Hedges.

by Mike C 1 month ago

The Sierra club is a massive fraud. They’ve been in bed with big fracking for years and years.

by Progressiveliby 1 month ago

So true, most of the U.S government officials are EVIL Entities

by Domingo De Anda 1 month ago

U can bribe lots of "folks" when u can create infinite amounts of fiat money from thin air.

by big Cahuna 1 month ago

Who would thunk it, Billionaires/Corporations are not the environments friends.

by Robert Dornan 1 month ago

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