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Krystal Ball: The woke Left tried to cancel me, that's why they keep losing

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Krystal Ball responds to critics who accused her of treating racism like, "some type of minor policy difference that can just be hand waved away," for calling Tucker Carlson, an "independent thinker," for being willing to dissent from the Trump administration on immigration policy.
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As an independent, this is why I love this show. If you can never criticize your own side then you are a sheep.

by Andrew McL 6 months ago

Never go away. We need you.

- Critical Thinking
- Nuance
- Objectivism
- Moderation

Stay strong.

by Fotis Michael 1 month ago

WWII bomber pilots used to say "If you're taking flack, then you know you're on target"

by RON OBRIEN 4 months ago

If you guys were on cable news, it would go a long way to restoring the media’s credibility.

by twrol 5 months ago

This is what decent old school journalism is like. Hats off to the Hills for hiring these two.

by CK 3 weeks ago

If Krystal is pissing off the woke community she's doing something right.

by jarjon76 6 months ago

You have the best political show anywhere in the country. Actual unbiased reporting. You are both superstars

by The Gibbons Group 5 months ago

As a conservative I can watch Krystal and say hell yeah! This is an amazing show. I get the impression that the grass roots left and right are marching in the same direction on more than just a couple of issues. Hmmm! Make you think.

by joe viljoen 5 months ago

“There is no more privileged position than having the luxury of caring more about a candidates demographics than their positions on the issues”


by Sam Gatti 2 months ago

When I finally stumbled on Krystal & Saagar, I bounded to the trough that is THE HILL like a camel who's been in the god damn Sahara for 4 years. I cannot get enough of this channel and I am deeply grateful for it.

by AC W 5 months ago

The woke left doesn’t even watch this show, they just patrol it for infractions against their social and political guidelines

by Howie Stan 6 months ago

This is the most honest news show in the USA.

by Larry Ward 2 months ago

Krystal is extremely knowledgemal and articulate; sometimes, when I listen to her, I wait for her to stop and I am overwhelmed. She deserves a phd in speech communications!

by Gene Ford 5 months ago

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

Abraham Lincoln

by Tao Huang 2 months ago

The left is broken. They’ll proudly hire another “Trump” as long as its on their side.

by elchamber 5 months ago

Krystal should wear their hate as a badge of honor.

by E S 6 months ago

Great piece. Krystal is such a badass! And a fox. If I was a female, I'd wanna be Krystal.

by James McMann 4 months ago

Canceling or banned just proves that the left wants to hide the truth.

by Shine Star 4 months ago

I’m a republican, but laughed at most of this. Very interesting points, and funny statements.

by Jack the Lumberjack 5 months ago

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